Obama’s Pivot to Asia

Obama’s Pivot to Asia is a difficult sell. TPP is under huge pressure even from his own party. It is not difficult to understand. The NAFTA, advocated by President Clinton has a huge consequence.

I believe the main problem is not NAFTA itself. It is the problem of Mexico government. If Mexico government could not improve their economy to provide more (very important) and better opportunities for its own citizens, there is no way USA can compete for lower wages and avoid the tens of thousands of boarder-crossing every week.

The US government should engage more with Mexico government for such kind of discussions to improve governance considerately. However, I have not seen enough actions. Probably it sounds awkward. One democracy lectures another democracy.

People around the global always look for better opportunities. Let alone just cross a boarder for the shining “American Dream”. Let alone they have many relatives in the US already. It is strange this year the media has not covered the mass boarder crossing issue yet. It should be a good time to walk over the boarder now. Maybe the media’s agenda has not come yet.

Then the other easier solution is to deploy more and more troops to contain China and Obama is doing that. Obama probably invaded more countries than George W. Bush and now is meddling in Asia. Anyway, the US is dropping Afghanistan and Pakistan and needs a new target. As long as there is no direct combat, China and US are playing games.

I really don’t understand why Obama or his cabinet has such interests in Asia to contain China’s development. Just think: China has several times of total population than the whole population in TPP. China’s middle class number is over 300 millions, which is still larger than the population in TPP ( excluding USA). It is expected to be 800 millions in ten years. Just think of Apple. Apple is doing well partly because it is doing really well in China.

Simple math is: If USA can capture a portion of those middle class, there is no need for TPP at all.  Many US companies are aware of that and benefit a lot from this simple fact. China and USA should have a much better relationship. At least, they are the two centers across the pacific ocean. As long as the balance is maintained, the waters in the pacific will not spill.

Anyway, China is always bad in some cold-war minded media:


  1. stealing US credit card numbers ( just heard from NPR recently, Brazil hackers actually is on the top of stealing credit cards)
  2. manipulating currency ( actually Japan Yen has depreciated more than 70% over that last two years and they are part of TPP. China’s currency is steadily appreciating over the years. )
  3. bad human rights ( how about Sadie Arabic?)
  4. occupying South China Sea(it is south CHINA sea)

My main point is that if US wants China to be an enemy, it may become enemy. However, many in China expect friendships from US. After all, US and China worked together to fight Japan, Soviet Union, etc. These are the friendships built in the hardest time in history and we should treasure that.