Water Temperature at CA pools

CA pool temperature

Some residents told me the water temperatures at some CA pools were a little low such that they went to non-CA pools for swimming lessons. Actually CA provides different water temperature levels at different pools. Here is a summary:

Pool Name Temperature
Athletic Club Pool 90-92
Columbia Gym Pool 84-86
Supreme Sports Club Pool 79-81
Swim Center Main Poll 84-88
Indoor Wading Pools 84-86
Swansfield & Steven’s Forest 80-82

About Dr. Chao Wu

2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidate
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One Response to Water Temperature at CA pools

  1. Marie McDuff says:

    Can you please give me the temperature of the Hawthorne pool at 8 am? I find it hard to believe that it is going to be above 80*!


    Marie McDuff


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