My proposal for new CA membership structure

Welcome your feedback. 


1) The opinion does not represent the opinion of the Board of Columbia Association.This is only my proposal and has not been taken into consideration by the board yet. If you support this approach, please email CA board and let them know at 

2) This membership structure is different from the structure in the board meeting package of 3-10-2016.  This one offers more flexible options for our members and you know what exactly in the package.










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4 Responses to My proposal for new CA membership structure

  1. Lihua Liang says:

    I like the basic membership idea. Hope it is afford for the family price. I also hope it’s price is comparable with the close by YMCA.


  2. Delong LIu says:

    I like the classification of categories of A and B. It would be also better to have monthly, 3-month, 6-month, 1-year and 2-year, and long-term (5-year) membership.


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