Not all villages are equal

On Monday night, CA had a stakeholder dinner with Howard County Citizen Association (HCCA) and League of Woman Voters of Howard County (LWVHC). I learned a lot from them and felt the passion of many community members.

One troubling fact is that in some villages, the schools are not becoming better and the house values are dropping.  Fortunately, River Hill is not in that situation. How can we improve those bad situations and make our larger community stronger will be a challenge for all.

I always believe improving schools are the first to be tackled for such a problem. Helping families to value kids’ education is the number one priority. With very few new and young families buying the houses in the neighborhood, the house values will not go up easily. We should know that school is a very critical factor for young families to buy a new house.

With an almost free education and so much investment each year from our county ( the new proposed budget is around 850 millions), there is no way we could not improve our education in each neighborhood.

Just as buying a new home, location, location and location. For education, family, family and family.  Unfortunately, for those villages in trouble, the trend is going downwards. Whether we have the courage, ability and means to reverse the trend will be critical to Columbia and Howard’s future.

Can each individual village help the families in need? They know the situation and probably know how to offer better help.

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