New CA membership with pricing (updated on 4/25)

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2016 New CA Membership and Pricing page 12016 New CA Membership and Pricing page 2


There is a chance that CA board will put it on vote on April 28, Thursday.

Recommendations_CA Membership Structure _Rate Changes

CA hired Club Intel to analyze the membership structure, service and others. The following two slides are their findings.

Club Intel Presentation 0

Club Intel Presentation 1

Club Intel Presentation 2

We love your feedback at or

Or you can come to our next board meeting at the CA headquarters on April 28, 2016, staring at 7:30. You can share your thoughts with us during the resident’s speak-out.

More update on the Recreational Plus Membership for Senior

On page 44 of latest board package. The package is located at

CA_new_membership_structure_p5(recreataional plus for senior)

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