2016 HoCo BOE primary recap

We registered more voters. We held a public forum to get voters informed. We urged people to vote.  I even put three signs in front of my yard which were only signs in our big neighborhood. When I first heard the difference between Robert Miller and Andrew Corey was 5 votes, out of  12000 votes. I realized how we can make a difference, even eventually the difference went larger to around 800 votes. Even Andew lost, he made an impressive camp gain.

Two incubuents lost and one incubuent Janet Siddiqui survived. Kirsten, Kristina, Vicky, Marvis, Janet, Robert will enter the general election.

I took some photos at the Clarksville Elementary School on April 26 and found some candidates even had no sign at all. And they lost.

Past public service experience, election strategy, and voter outreach are critical for winning the election. Anti-incubuent element is a factor which I originally thought  it was articially and not real. After election, I understand it was real and played a strong sentiment at poll stations.








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