which is worse

Some common sense thought:

  1. Somebody sells drugs to 100 young teenagers and destroy them and their families. This is so-called a non-violent crime now.
  2. Another person shoot a teenage in the head and the victim dies. This is a violent crime.

I am tired of seeing/hearing newspaper or radio headlines of “non-violent crimes, show mercy”. A drug dealer is not a non-violent criminal. They can be given clemency only when he/she shows the greatest intention to say sorry, works hard to find new way of life. Otherwise, clemency to them is a crime to those law-bidding citizens.

At the same time, in general a person who takes drugs should be treated by hospital, not prison. With the care of hospital and family, they may gradually remove their alliance on drugs. It takes time and love to help them succeed and drop the habit.


About Dr. Chao Wu

2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidate
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