Volunteer Registration for Ellicott City moves to CA’s VolunteerHoward.org

Volunteer Registration for Ellicott City Flood Recovery Moves to VolunteerHoward.org
The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County, a program of the Columbia Association and a local clearinghouse for volunteerism, will be the new entry point for volunteers interested in helping with flood recovery efforts in Historic Ellicott City.


VolunteerHoward.org, an online service, will make it easier for individuals and groups of volunteers to be organized for recovery missions as they arise.
Ellicott City residents and business owners impacted by the flooding and in need of assistance should continue to use the county’s call center at 410-313-2900.
I am sure we have done much more, but I wanted to share a few examples of our efforts to be a resource to the residents, displaced employees of businesses and business owners in the flood damaged area of Ellicott City.


About Dr. Chao Wu

2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidate
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