The “art” of debate (This egg tastes really bad)

After the four presidential debates, I recalled an old article which discusses unhealthy debate. It is not my original idea. I just translated from the Internet. It is a good reflection how to “debate”. We probably could find each tactics used by both candidates.

A-1: This egg tastes really bad.

B-1: How much did the other chicken pay you to bad mouth my egg?

A-2: This egg tastes really bad.

B-2: I love the banana so much. I love the milk so much. 

A-3: The egg tastes really bad.

B-3. You can lay a better tasted egg if you are so capable.

A-4: This egg tastes really bad.

B-4: The chicken who laid this egg is a courageous, kind, straight and hard-working chicken. 

A-5: This egg tastes really bad.

B-5: Anyway, it is our chicken who laid this egg. Just for this single fact, you should not say it tasted bad.

A-6: This egg tastes really bad.

B-6: The taste has improved a lot comparing three years ago.

A-7:  This egg tastes really bad.

B-7: You grew up by eating these eggs. How dare you say it tasted bad?

A-8:  This egg tastes really bad.

B-8: What is your horrendous hidden agenda by saying this?

A-9:  This egg tastes really bad.

B-9: It is our own chicken who laid this egg. Are you with us?

A-10: This egg tastes really bad.

B-10: The egg next door even tasted worse. Why didn’t you say that?

A-11: This egg tastes really bad.

B-11: Forgot this egg. You should go to eat the egg next door.

A-12: This egg tastes really bad.

B-12: Duck’s egg tastes better. But that is not our situation now.

A-13: This egg tastes really bad.

B-13:Nonsense. Our egg tastes at least five times better than our neighbor’s egg.

A-14: This egg tastes really bad.

B-14: It takes time for chickens to lay better tasted eggs. It is not time now to eat those better tasted eggs.

A-15: This egg tastes really bad.

B-15: Why complaining? If you have the time to complain, go and work hard to earn some money. You get a life. 

A-16: This egg tastes really bad.

B-16: Your are a really mean spirit person, even complaining a bad tasted egg.

A-17: This egg tastes really bad.

B-17: There is no absolute tasteful egg. May xxx country (China or Russia)  has better eggs. You move there. 

A-18: This egg tastes really bad.

B-18:  Keep quiet! There are may family conflicts because their neighbor’s egg tastes better such that they keep arguing with each other.

A-19: This egg tastes really bad.

B-19: This is an ill-intention inflammation. I will sue you to death. 

A-20: This egg tastes really bad.

B-20: You dare say our egg tasted bad. Who do you support?

A-21: This egg tastes really bad.

B-21: If it is not our government, you will have no eggs to eat, even rotten eggs. You are still nagging all the day.

A-22: This egg tastes really bad.

B-22: Your grandparents ate this. Your parents eat this. How dare you complain it tastes bad?

A-23: This egg tastes really bad.

B-23: Our neighbor’s egg tasted the same. All the eggs in the world tasted similar. There is no egg which tasted good.

A-24: This egg tastes really bad.

B-24: You are egg-phobia. We should love egg. 

A-25: This egg tastes really bad.

B-25: Be careful. This guy’s IP is from Russia or China.

A-26: This egg tastes really bad.

B-26: Go away. You are un-American. You are not welcomed here.

Please add any other A-B in the comment section if you like. Thanks.



It is difficult to find the original source. One reference is

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