Dr. Calvin Ball’s Sanctuary County Legislation/Letters

Got an email from Dr. Calvin Ball, to set up Howard County as Sanctuary City as following:

Sanctuary County Legislation/Letters

Good evening,

Happy Thursday, I hope that your week has been going well. First, I would like to thank you for your dedication to our community, and always making sure to show leadership in any opportunity that is presented to you in making sure that Howard County is the best for everyone.

Yesterday, Councilwoman Terrasa and I sent the attached letters to the leadership of HCC and HCPSS requesting them to consider implementing sanctuary policies. Additionally, today we pre-filed Council Bill 9, to make Howard County a sanctuary county.

For your convenience, I have also attached a copy CB 9. To lend your support and voice to our legislative process, below are important dates so you can follow along:

  • Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 7pm: Legislative Session
    • Bill is publicly introduced
  • Tuesday, January 17 at 7pm: Legislative Public Hearing
    • Hearing for testimony from the public
  • Monday, January 23 at 4:30pm (CVG Room): Work Session *Tentative
  • Monday, February 6, 2017 at 7pm: Legislative Session
    • The Council will vote on the Bill

I look forward to continuing to work with you in order to promote the best for everyone in Howard County. I hope you have a very happy holiday and I will be in touch soon!

Three letters and the bill are attached as following:




Updated: I got a call from the county council staff. They told me there was a technical error such that “Takoma Park Municipal Code” was shown in the previous version. The new version looks right now.

You can reach them all at once at councilmail@howardcountymd.gov . Check http://cc.howardcountymd.gov/Contact-Us

District Council Member Email Special Assistant Phone
District 1 Jon Weinstein JWeinstein@HowardCountyMD.gov Gary L. Smith (410) 313-3110
District 2 Dr. Calvin Ball CBBall@HowardCountyMD.gov Kim Pruim (410) 313-2001
District 3 Jen Terrasa JTerrasa@HowardCountyMD.gov Kate McLeod (410) 313-3108
District 4 Mary Kay Sigaty MKSigaty@HowardCountyMD.gov Mary Clay (410) 313-2001
District 5 Greg Fox GFox@HowardCountyMD.gov Karen Knight (410) 313-2001


22 thoughts on “Dr. Calvin Ball’s Sanctuary County Legislation/Letters

  1. Hardy says:

    I hope Calvin Ball set his house as sanctuary place first before he raises the idea of putting Howard county as santuary county. And he need prensent the evidence that his home santuary place is done to satisfactory residencies. Otherwise it is unfair for people living at Howard county.

  2. alowe2010 says:

    It will be fiercely shot down.

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    • I am so pleased that Calvin Ball has offered this bill. Columbia, MD is a special place because of the welcoming of diversity and the spirit of compassion upon which James Rouse founded it. We are all made better by the sharing of our cultures. I believe that nurturing the diversity of our communities and families with love and compassion may save us yet. Thank you Calvin. There are many many more who support this generous and compassionate move.

  3. A mus says:

    Another consideration, lets say Howard county became a sanctuary for undocumented people in the US
    even Howard county community college or public schools

    If a national registry is enacted
    Or physical deportment is undocumented aliens is enacted
    then say
    Howard county sees influx of undocumented Aliens
    even few as 500

    Where do we house them?
    How do we feed and support them?
    I don’t think refugee camps are a viable solution, they are most often ugly and lacking in basic necessities.
    We, Howard County are not structured to house 500 guests

    Howard county is not prepared to be a sanctuary.

    Who pays for it?

    And do we take every undocumented person?
    Everyone regardless of vetting?

    Again I support a reasonable path to citizenship

    • Rosie says:

      Did you read the attached documents? There is no mention of the county providing housing and basic necessities, only that the county will protect the rights and safety of foreign-born people who live here. Becoming a sanctuary county does not mean becoming a refugee camp or that people will be sent here or that we’ll have to vet them and allow them in. It simply means that undocumented people, those who are already here and any that may move here in the future, can feel safe to live and attend school without the threat of being reported to immigration services by the people they trust to educate them. It means that there will be no tolerance for hate crimes and abusive behavior in the schools. Making Howard County a sanctuary city simply means that people can feel safe here no matter their immigration status. They don’t need to live in fear of their families being torn apart or being sent back to a country where they face the threat of violence and death. Normal criminal laws will still apply to everyone and federal and state laws still apply to everyone.

  4. Ron Chen says:

    We are at a different time in history. A lot of things happened in Europe and US recently told us to be cautious towards undocumented immigrants. I believe Dr. Calvin Ball’s Sanctuary Legislative Letter is a irresponsible and dangerous move, introduce undocumented refugees or immigrants into our region could be a threat to the peace, safety and economic well being of our community. It is unfair to Howard county residents. Dr. Calvin Ball should have and demonstrate to public an effective plan on how to prevent potential terrorist evolved from this group of people before implementing the sanctuary policy, and tell the public that what measure you will take and how can we pay for if the action of terror happens in the future. And these measurements should be attached to Sanctuary Legislative Letter. Hope Dr Calvin Ball have thought thouroughly and planed well, and please let Howard county citizens know such a plan before act on changing this place to a Sanctuary County. A world has its limit by its nature, a “best place” is not for everyone. We must respect the fact.

  5. Tina H says:

    As a Howard Countian, I stand firmly in support of this bill. We will. E joining Montgomery County, PG County, Baltimore City and Washington DC in providing protections to our vulnerable neighbors – people who are already here.

    • Dreamer says:

      This lady can’t be serious. Turning Howard County into PG County or Baltimore City would be a good thing? Surely she’s being sarcastic, right???

      • Tina H says:

        She didn’t say “turn HoCo into MoCo,” she said we would be joining them in providing protections to our most vulnerable neighbors. As a Howard County resident, I am thrilled that Terrasa and Ball have chosen to introduce this legislation.

        • Dreamer says:

          I am thrilled, too. This really hurts Ball’s chances of running for County Executive. Totally incompetent “leadership”!

  6. Nigel says:

    I would caution the Chinese Americans that are voicing opposition to this bill.

    Anti-illegal immigrant advocacy quickly becomes anti-immigrant advocacy. You may believe as a member of a “model minority” that you may be immune but illegal Chinese immigration has exploded.

    “At 6 million, Mexicans still represent the majority of the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the country. But the percentage of those arriving has slowed since the recession. During that time, however, Asian unauthorized immigration has increased considerably. From 2000 to 2013, it increased 202 percent, according to the report.

    Asians now represent about a third of the foreign-born population in America—equal with the Mexican foreign-born population. They also represent 14 percent of the unauthorized population. That number, by the author’s own projections, will grow in the coming decade.”


    “Federal authorities in California have spotted a new trend as the number of Chinese Illegal Immigrants entering the country has increased at exponential levels.”


    The person being pulled over and their documents checked may end up being you or me. In a presidency where relations between China and the US will likely become “strained” the bogeyman of 2018 may not be the image of a Muslim Jihadist but that of a Chinese soldier.

    I would also remind folks that the Japanese internment was the result of Executive Order 9066 and took two years to be suspended and was not actually rescinded until 1976. While such internment is unlikely today, Executive Orders wields tremendous powers affecting immigration and employment. An executive order to revoke the security clearances of all persons of Chinese ancestry would be devastating to many families in this region even if later rescinded.

    Representatives like Dr. Ball and Ms. Terrasa are more likely to be helpful in such an environment than those that would oppose CB9-2017.

    • jimthedare says:

      This is complete nonsense..There are consequences for not following the laws of the land!
      The ILLEGALS are defrauding and scamming the system and should NOT be given a “free pass”. They need to leave..Either voluntarily OR by the helping hand of ICE. AFTER they have waited their turn.. like every other law abiding immigrant is required to do, they should be welcomed with open loving arms.
      SAY NO TO CB-9 !!!

    • JenniferL says:

      This is the most ridiculous comment I’ve seen so far… Illegals are illegal, no matter which ethnicity! People need to decide wisely, if they choose to become illegals, they need to take the consequences. Behave like adults! No to CB9-2017!

  7. Mike Hunt says:

    This has to be the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of. Have you not been reading the news about illegal aliens committing crimes and NOT being deported. These illegal aliens have committed numerous crimes and they continue to not worry about deportation. What do you say to the parents that lost children because an serial criminal which was protected because they were an illegal aliens?

    Did you ever think of the fact that there is a Constitution that needs to be followed? Do you think that we will lose state and federal money if this bill is passed into law?

    Please, this isn’t a feel good bill, it’s a nightmare.

    • Tina H says:

      The data actually show that immigrants tend to actually commit less crime than citizens in general. Feel free to look it up.

      • Dreamer says:

        100% of illegal immigrants (which is what the rest of us are talking about) are breaking the law so…

      • DCW says:

        LOL.. there are 300 million people in America. There are 11 million illegal immigrants 3rd grade math will tell you that a population less than 10% of the other is going to commit less crime. They are also going to eat less food- imagine that?!!

  8. Brian Frosh says:

    Congrats to Dr. Councilman Ball for killing any shot he had at County Exec! He’s the epitome of a political hack. (And I heard he paints his bald spot)

  9. Not to worry Howard County. The People of Takoma Park welcomes illegal immigrants, because we love having more overcrowded schools and higher tax rates.

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