Response from HCPSS about World Language Program

Thank BOE for replying to me and I will continue keeping an eye on this. 

Unfortunatly, I did not see how the new teaching method is evaluated and how the reslut is shared for better understanding /appreciation from the community. My original testimony barely touches Chinese teaching, but a general doubt on the new synchronous world class teaching.

I am not sure how to balance for all students to have a world language proficiency and a quality world language program for those who are interested in. 

About Dr. Chao Wu

2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidate
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2 Responses to Response from HCPSS about World Language Program

  1. alowe2010 says:

    Funny! Your address is Listening Winds, not Whistling Winds. And they should have saluted you as Dr. Wu.

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  2. Lisa B says:

    It may not be what you want and it probably isn’t the best way to educate children in a foreign language, but at least you got a letter thoughtful letter of explanation. Before I even took a look at the signature, I knew it had to be a person concerned with the welfare of the children.


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