CA board meeting summary 2017-1-26

Resident speakout

  1. T.J Blend talked about a need for water retention facility near Lake Elkhorn.
  2. Greg Pipher , near Cradle Circle,  brokenland parkway, traffic noise increased.  Requesting to plant some natural buffer.

IAT funding is discussed. IAT is not requesting 1.5 million dollars from Howard County for Phase II development. Senator Guy Guzzone asked for 250K Bond Bill for IAT, which is primarily for special architectural lighting for Chrysalis.

Councilwomen Mary K. Sigaty (district 4) discussed “Overview of the legislation approving the TIF and Affordable Housing”.

  1. One point Ms. Sigaty made tonight : The county can make changes which the 30-year DRRA should follow for the sake for the health, safety, welfare of Howard County. That is new to me.

2. She regretted to have only 5500 units to be built and felt more could be built. And she feel not enough affordable housing.

CA Ethics codes are discussed.

CA is inviting some other stakeholders for a dinner.




About Dr. Chao Wu

2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidate
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