The used Libya by Hillary Clinton

I have been listening to CD’s while driving to work. It is a great experience. Just finished two CD series, one is HRC (2015) and the other is Hillary’s own memo (Living History, 2004).

From Hillary’s own memo, I have strong empathy for her when Bill Clinton was in the governor’s office or at White House. The couple always had law suit with them each year. Monica Lewinsky was the final show in their political life before Hillary was elected to the senate. Remembering the “House of Card”, right?

Topping Libya and killing of Gaddafi was basically Hillary’s sole promotion as sectary of state. Hillary definitely suffered from the Tripoli tragedy (“what is the big difference” sentence while she was running for president, then email gate, then Clinton foundation, wiki leaks, DNC leaks, Wall Street Speeches, etc) where one US ambassador and other US state employee were killed. Just a quick refresh: Another US ambassador was killed 25 years ago. There were not so many embassies that were bombed or ambassadors were killed. A Russian ambassador was killed in Turkey in 2017. Around 20 years ago, US bombed China’s embassy in Yugoslavia. Wherever this kind stuff happened a tragedy always associated. Nobody can say Libya is better than before. Probably it will never be better than before since it will be more radicalized and moderate will keep fleeing into Europe or USA.

It is the shame of some public media. They can interchangeably use dissent, opposition, rebellion, extremist, terrorist for the same group of people either in Libya or Iraq, even when they could not define what exactly the group is.

In the past, I believe a lot inpublic media. Now more and more people are losing trust on them. The failing Libya is the hard and brutal evidence when politician, media, and military machine can do unbelievable harm to the world which will bite back on themselves eventually. Just look at the immigration and refuge crisis which is shocking the whole Europe.

Previous example is Iraqi. Next one will be Ukraine unless John McCain is out.