CAPA seminar: transition to middle school

CAPA seminar: It will be conducted in English.

Here I come,Middle School:  A Successful Transition from Elementary to Middle School

When: Saturday, March 18th 3:30-5:30pm

Where:  Patapsco room, HCLS Miller Library

9421 Frederick Road, Ellicott City 21042

我们将邀请几个家庭的家长和孩子通过Panel Discussion的方式来分享他们的初中生活。希望能帮助您和您的孩子做好充分的准备,尽快适应初中,去更好地面对全新的挑战。我们鼓励您带孩子一起参加,并欢迎他们提问。

欢迎您事先将问题发到 以便我们的Panelists 可以充分准备从而更全面地回答您的问题。也欢迎您带着问题来会上提问。
Please send you questions to such that our panelists can prepare better.

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