4 thoughts on “Judge William Tucker

  1. ksteve8

    I expect the sign expresses the wish of someone who has been on the wrong side of a decision by Judge Tucker. At any rate, there is no legal process for recall of any elected official in Maryland.


  2. ninabasu

    Judge Tucker is a great judge and member of the bar beforehand. I have seen the sign as well as some hand painted signs on a car. It appears that there is an individual litigant who appeared before Judge Tucker with an axe to grind.

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  3. michael4johsnon@gmail.com

    That sounds like Chester the Molesters truck. He’s parked in the Court House parking lots on nice days during the week. 30 years ago he was convicted for fondling a young girls breasts so the Court tends to not like him. So when it was an issue when his children wanted to put his wife into a nursing home and he didn’t want it to occur, the matter went to Court before Judge Tucker. Well, he lost, and now he complains.

    At least this is what I heard.

    It’s hard to know what is true and what is not. We never get both side of the story.

    In any event, if one has to go to family court, its just a messed up situation, and perhaps it is best to default and move as far away from those people who want to resolve issues there.



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