Clarksville Senior Living Home by Erickson

I had the opportunity to meet Roger Caplan (The Caplan Group) and Steven Montgomery (VP for Erickson) and got a deeper understanding of this new senior living facility. I am sharing two key pictures for this project. It is still early and future changes may occur.

The facility scale is very large. It will hold 1300 residents, 240 full time staff, 60 part time staff.  It has its own cafeteria, hospital, recreation facility. It is not cheap. You may have to pay about 500k refundable deposit and a monthly 2500 fee to live there. It will create many job opportunities for locals.

Senior Living Home at Clarksville

Senior Living Home at Clarksville-Transportation Plan

If you need their presentation, please email me. It is too large to be put here. The presentation is also on their website, but I just could not find the link again for the moment.



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