2020 HoCo BOE Election

Due to state legislation passed in 2018, the BOE election is changing. In 2020, BOE candidates will run from each district (the council district). There are five council districts ( Note the council district is quite different from where schools are located. Please check it here https://chaowu.org/hoco-district-map/) such that we will have five elections. In the primary election, top two candidates in each district will win. Then in the general election, each district will elect only one candidate.

In 2022, both myself and Ms. Vicky Cutroneo are up for reelection. The election is county wide, not by district. Then in 2024, we have BOE election by district again. The cycle continues.

Current 2020 BOE Candidates (Bold are advancing to the November general election):

District 1: Christina Demont-Small, Matthew D. Molyett, Sean Ford(withdrew)

District 2: Larry Pretlow, James Cecil, Antonia Watts

District 3: Gian P Alfeo, Tom Heffner, Jolene Mosley

District 4: Kirsten Coombs, Matt Levine, Sezin Palmer, Mike Sheer, Jen Mallo, Daniel J. Margolis

District 5: Saif Rehman, Cindy Vaillancourt, Yun Lu, Gene Ryan

If there is no candidate in some district, the county executive will appoint one. If there is only one candidate from some district, she/he will be elected automatically.

Candidate forums

Scott Ewart has a well maintained page on the candidate forum: