4th SAAC Presentation materials-12/17/2020

SAAC Meeting Schedule

  • 19-Nov 7:00-9:00am      General and fiscal update
  • 3-Dec    7:00-9:00am      CIP – Education
  • 10-Dec  7:00-9:00am      CIP – Infrastructure
  • 17-Dec  7:00-9:00am      CIP – Infrastructure / other big projects
  • 7-Jan     7:00-9:00am      Commercial Base & Business
  • 14-Jan   7:00-9:00am      Operating budget – Overview & Education
  • 21-Jan   7:00-9:00am      Operating budget – Other Agencies
  • 28-Jan   7:00-9:00am      Economic Outlook & Long-Term Demographic/Development Trends
  • 4-Feb    7:00-9:00am      Revenue, Debt, Multi-Year Projections
  • 11-Feb  7:00-9:00am      Recommendations for the Report
  • 25-Feb  7:00-9:00am      Report Writing  – Draft review

Two presentations on December 12, 2020

Howard County Office of Transportation
FY 2022 Presentation to Spending Affordability Advisory Committee – December 17, 2020

Ellicott City Flood Mitigation

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