My Articles

Here, I am collecting the articles I wrote at various time. Most of them were published on the Villager of River Hill, circulating within our community.

  1. August 2017: We Are in Need of Adequate Public Facilities(The Villager)

  2. June 2017: We are Neighbors and Friends(The Villager)

  3. April 2017: Overview of CA 2018 Budget(The Villager)

  4. Go back to China (submitted to Columbia Flier)

  5. March 2017: How to Engage with Development Around our Community (The Villager)

  6. Feb. 2017: Inside and Outside(The Villager)

  7. Jan. 2017: Year End Review, Goodbye 2016 (The Villager)

  8. Dec. 2016: Common Sense In Policy Making (The Villager)

  9. No place for a Nazi sign in our community (published on Columbia Flier)

  10. Nov. 2016: Get Involved With CA(The Villager)

  11. Oct. 2016: We are 25 now(The Villager)

  12. September. 2016: Our Planned Community(The Villager)

  13. August. 2016: Columbia’s Downtown and Affordable Housing(The Villager)

  14. July. 2016: Initial CA Facility Assessments Conducted – Capital Budget Increases Result(The Villager)

  15. June. 2016: CA In Action(The Villager)

  16. May. 2016: One Year Review on the CA Board(The Villager)

  17. April. 2016: Proposed New Membership Structure(The Villager)

  18. March. 2016: My Article on CA Monthly

  19. Feb. 2016: The Snow, CA’s Governance and A New Tennis Facility(The Villager)

  20. Jan. 2016: 2016 New Year Resolutions(The Villager)

  21. December 2015: A Diverse Community(The Villager)

  22. November 2015: One Community (The Villager)

  23. October 2015: CA Going Green (The Villager)

  24. September 2015: CA by Numbers ( Part II) (The Villager)

  25. August 2015: CA by Numbers ( Part I) (The Villager)

  26. July 2015: People Spoke Out ( The Villager)

  27. June 2015: Make A Positive Impact (The Villager)

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