Campaign Platform

I believe in Education and Working Hard. With these two, all our children can have their own success. Education and working hard lifted me to success from a low-income rural family. With my unique experience (educated in China, Singapore and USA) and pragmatic approach to solve problems, I want to create the best opportunity for all children in our county and help them to achieve their full potential.

The simpler version of my platform is:

  1. Work with all stakeholders to solve the $50 million school deficit
  2. Bring accountability and transparency BACK to the school system
  3. Provide equitable learning opportunities and offer students vocational/technology training
  4. Motivate students to learn and to succeed through hard work
  5. Listen to all sides and be open to new ideas for solutions

I invite you to join my campaign and advance our education further and better. I will be your voice and you are my strength. Together, we can make an impact on HCPSS.

Building Trust with a Collaborative and Open Mindset

I strongly believe students and families thrive the best when the school decision makers, administrators, teachers, staff and community members work together with a collaborative mindset and approach. I would like to build trust among all stakeholders by carefully listening to and understanding each and every one of them, reaching out to the unheard, and conducting inclusive and efficient communication. I am a new immigrant who grew up in poverty and have worked hard to succeed. I have lived in three countries and met people from all walks of life. This rich life experience enables me to work collaboratively with a wide variety of people and a multitude of opinions.

I also believe having accountability in mind and transparency in the process will help to build trust in our community. Promoting fiscal responsibility will bring people to work together towards a common set of goals.

Providing Equitable Learning Opportunities for All by Informing and Empowering Students, Parents and Families

Equitable education starts from equitable opportunities to receive information on education. There are variety of great opportunities in our school systems, such as GT and enrichment programs, career academies, art programs, sport teams, clubs, and internships, however, not all of them are well advertised. There are also vast community resources available for our families to take advantage of, such as foreign language, computer science, arts and sports programs that are offered by community volunteers, non-profit organizations, PTAs, and business partners.

We should improve our vocational and technological training programs to offer our students a different career path for them. I also believe in offering more options for students and families and they can decide the best for themselves. The school should not dedicate families over their own choices.

We must ensure all children and parents, not only the well-connected ones, are well informed and have access to such opportunities. We must empower the parents to help and encourage their children to success.

Motivating Students to Achieve Their Success

I believe motivating all students to achieve their full potential is crucial for our education, independent of socio-economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. Our students’ potential and talents go beyond the classroom and can be quite different, ranging from the arts to the sciences, technology to sports, and so on. We must empower the students and families to set their own personal goals based on their personal potential and individual talent. We must then provide them opportunities to achieve their goals.

Interest and motivation are the best teachers for our children. Our school system needs to understand each child’s strengths, respect their personal choices, and provide an individualized program for his/her education. I do not believe in forcing students to do what they cannot do in order to meet the goals of the school system.

I believe our students to be independent, motivated, and positive learners. We also expect our students to value education, take personal responsibility, and work hard to achieve their full individual potential. We expect our school to provide students with various learning opportunities and also empower parents to motivate their children to work hard and achieve their success.