Campaign Platform

Expanding Learning Opportunities for All

There are many opportunities in our school systems, but not all of them are shared publicly. We need make sure our children and parents know such opportunities and explore themselves.

We must make sure enrichment programs stay strong and our children are provided the necessary knowledge to explore the GT opportunities.

We must take advantage of vast resources the community has for our children, from foreign languages, computer science, sports, arts, etc. The community includes retired community, parents, non-profit organizations, PTAs, and business communities. For example, National Security Agency (NSA) provides enrichment program for students upon request.

Motivating Individuals to Achieve their Full Potential

I believe motivating all students to achieve their full potential is crucial for our education, independent of social-economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. The potential is beyond the classroom and can be quite different, ranging from arts, sciences, technology and sports, etc.

Interest and motivation are the best teachers for our children. I strongly believe our school system needs to understand each child’s strengths and needs to provide an individualized program for his/her education.

We expect our students to be independent, motivated, and positive learners.

Accountability and Transparency in HCPSS

I believe accountability and transparency in HCPSS is very important for the county as a whole.

With accountability, we should expect staff, teachers and BOE board members to do their work effectively and efficiently. Parents should expect timely feedback from the school and the system for better communication.

Transparency increases the confidence in the system from the community, requires accountability, and insists on factual information sharing to improve all areas of education.

From superintendent, staff and teachers, to budget process, materials, programs, and policies should be under such scrutiny.