Meet Dr. Chao Wu

I am serving Howard County Board of Education from 2019-2022.

Disclaimer: Everything I post here will be my opinion only. It does not represent the opinion of Howard County Board of Education unless it clearly states that.

Dr. Chao Wu is a scientist, engineer and data scientist. He can be reached by email: or or twitter chaowu2016.

My official email is

Our BOE email is .

5 thoughts on “Meet Dr. Chao Wu

  1. Linfeng Chen says:

    I really appreciate your spirits and attitude: altruism, hardworking, listening to all voices, global view, A great man yet humble!!! I always support you! – Linfeng

  2. Dong Liu says:

    Support!!! We need someone who really understands, appreciates and benefits from education in the board.

  3. Jim Peffall says:

    I voted for you on the strength of your bio, past performance and promise of future excellence.

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