2018 HCPSS school New start time

Beginning with the start of the 2018–2019 school year, no Howard County public school will begin before 8 a.m. or later than 9:25 a.m.

If there is a will, there is a way. We are very glad that our two main suggestions(discard four models and push all late) to BOE have been adapted. 


The Howard County Board of Education approved changes to school start and dismissal times during its regularly scheduled meeting on February 23. Beginning with the start of the 2018–2019 school year, no Howard County public school will begin before 8 a.m. or later than 9:25 a.m. Howard County Public School System staff will prepare a detailed plan for implementing the new schedules, including specific start and end times for elementary, middle and high schools, transportation costs and other factors for Board consideration.

See our testimony before:


some scholarship opportunities

華府素友會(IOTA Chapter) 2017 年度華裔青年獎學金通告 – Community Info Share
獎學金項目(Scholarship Categories);Website: rhopsi.org   
1. 科技獎學金 (Science/Technology Scholarship)          Appl. due: 2/28/2017;Project due: 3/25/2017
2.領導服務獎學金(Comm. Service/Leadership Scholar ship) Appl. due: 3/18/2017;Award notify: 4/21/2017
3. 升學輔助獎學金 ( Needed Base  Scholarship)                                 Appl. Due: 3/31/2017;Award notify: 4/15/2017 
4. 藝術獎學金(幼兒至 青少年- under 7 to high schoolers Drawing  and Painting  Art Scholarship);Appl. Due: 3/31/2017
5. 體育獎學金(Tennis and Golf Sport Scholarship) Appl. Due: 3/15/2017;Winner notify: 3/31/2017

HCPSS CAC committee needs you

The Howard County Public School Board of Education’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) is seeking nominees for its 2017/2018 Executive Committee.  The Board of Education (BOE) established the Community Advisory Council under HCPSS Policy 2060 and Maryland education law as a standing committee which reports directly to the Board and serves as a channel for public concerns, advice, and information to help guide BOE decisions. The committee also receives from the community concerns, information, and inquiries about matters within the province of the Board and researches issues as appropriate.   We are seeking nominees for the Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary and Policy Committee Chair.
As an Executive Committee member, you will be asked to lead a dedicated community of volunteers as the CAC participates in HCPSS Policy review. Success requires the ability to objectively and impartially represent and share broad-based majority and minority opinion on issues such as the school-year calendar, all policies under review, and budgeting with the Board of Education. Successful candidates should be reliable, be able to facilitate substantive discussions, and comfortable with public speaking.  The leadership team should be committed to the integrity of the CAC, an incredibly important component of maintaining and improving the great public school education of Howard County.  
If you are interested in serving in either of the following roles please respond on or before March 15, 2017.  If you have questions regarding the roles, please reach to any member of the current Executive Committee at cac.hcpss@gmail.com and your questions will be forwarded to the appropriate person.
To learn more about the CAC, review at Policy 2060, Advisory Committee BoardDocs® Pro.
Mavourene Robinson, 2016/2017 Vice Chair

Inhumane and unbelievable of US visa application

I am trying to ask our elected officials to help with a visa application for a family whose son was brutally murmured in Bowie, Maryland. The victim’s family want to attended their son’s funeral and the US consular denied their visa application. Just read how the visa application was denied in five seconds, the process sometimes is inhumane and unbelievable wrong.

Our state senate Susan Lee called me back and offered to help. I really appreciate her effort.

Dear our elected Asian American Caucus,

(Their email is aapicaucus@senate.state.md.us)

We need your urgent help for a visa application.

There was a triple murder in Bowie, Maryland in January. The news is here:


I just heard that the victim’s family members of Mr. Jin Chen in China applied for visa to attend the funeral in Maryland and were denied the visa. They were thinking of applying for the visa again on this Friday (Feb 24) at the US consular at Guangzhou, China. It was reported that Chen’s family member was asked a question whether Mr. Chen was married.  After the family member replied with a “yes”, then the visa application was denied immediately. I just could not think of a situation like this. A visa to attend a family funeral in a terrible murder case was denied without any sound reasons.


Can any of you do something to help their family members to get a visa? You can write to the state department and the US consular at Guangzhou, China to express your support to grant a visa to Mr. Chen’s family member.  Such kind of letters usually help.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Chao Wu

A resident from Howard County, Maryland

CA board meeting summary 2017-2-23

Resident speakout:

  1. Joel Hurewitz , speaking out against CA funding for Inner Arbor Trust.

Chairman remarks:

  1. March 9 work session, Kimco will be invited to talk about village center.
  2. March 23rd meeting, DPZ director will come and talk about the new zoning.
  3. March 19, grand take-off to celebrate 50 year anniversary.

Board meeting:

  1. The board approved annual charge rate of $0.68 of $100 and cap of 3.5 percent proposed of FY2018.
  2. The board approved the capital budget (around 17 million dollars)
  3. Inner Arbor Trust requested additional $41k dollars funding as an amendment, which was approved by 5-4. Although I don’t  like their funding request is delivered to the board, I voted for this amendment to give enough support for them and jump start their operation.  I will not support similar request from them in the future.
  4. The board voted to ask Inner Arbor Trust to have a quarterly report etc as an condition.
  5. The board approved the operating budget as amended above with 7-2. ( I voted for it)
  6. The board approved Turf Valley Resort’s $30k spending.
  7. The board approved the use of FY 15 Watershed Improvement Projects Capital Funds to Supplement Funds Approved for FY 13 Watershed Improvement Project RZ4. ( 9-1)


Grandpa Jiansheng Chen’s killer was charged finally and questions on HOA security service

FROM NBC news: Johnathan Cromwell was charged with second-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of murder in the Jan. 26 shooting of Jiansheng Chen, Commonwealth Attorney Nancy G. Parr said in a statement.

Ref: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/security-guard-charged-fatal-shooting-grandfather-n722156

The process was very confusing to many people. While the victim’s family could not even get the killer’s name for three weeks, the company’s attorney was all over the news that the killing was justified. Sure, that is their PR tactics.

Looking at indeed, https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Citywide-Protection-Services/reviews, this company has a really low ratings from its own employee (2.3 out of 5).

A larger issue was shared from this post: “How security service is provided for many HOA? “. Their residents should be clear on the policy.

Questions abound over Citywide Protection Services shooting at Riverwalk HOA (VA)

Questions abound over Citywide Protection Services shooting at Riverwalk HOA (VA)