Meet Dr. Chao Wu

Dr. Chao Wu is a scientist, engineer, programmer, analyst and now he is a 2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidate. He can be reached by email: or phone: 240-481-9637 or twitter chaowu2016.

A Vote for Wu is a Vote for You

Coming from a low-income farmer’s family that barely made ends meet, Chao saw from a very young age that education is a way to improve his life and his family’s life. He has been educated in three different countries worldwide in three different educational systems, first with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Science and Technology of China, next with a Master’s Degree from the National University of Singapore, and finally a Doctoral Degree from the University of Maryland. All three systems believe that education is the bridge to success, a belief that Chao has embraced wholeheartedly in his personal and professional life. This belief has given him a strong sense of commitment to public education and the ability to see how valuable education is to the citizens of HCPSS.

Chao has been serving as an elected council representative and a board member of the Columbia Association since 2015. He also served as a board member of the River Hill Village Association in 2012 and served again starting in 2015. On both boards, he represents the community and listens to residents’ feedback. He persists to ensure that the Columbia Association is held accountable for its nearly 70 million dollar budget. He also writes monthly on the River Hill The Villager about issues in our daily lives, such as CA’s customer service, organization risk management, etc. Chao is very active in the HCPSS community. Since 2015, Chao has testified in front of the BOE on multiple issues. In 2016, he led a group of parents in the HCPSS school start time discussion and presented their recommendations to the BOE. In 2017, Chao joined the BOE Operating Budget Review Committee, which made multiple recommendations on how HCPSS can improve its budgeting process.

Chao also serves on County Executive Allan Kittleman’s #OneHoward steering committee. He values both the diversity of our community and inclusion of all great ideas that the committee promotes.

As a school board member, he will focus on the following:

1. Build Trust with a Collaborative and Open Mindset

2. Provide Equitable Learning Opportunities for All by Informing and Empowering Students, Parents and Families

3. Motivate Students to Achieve Their Success

A Vote for Wu is a Vote for You — You the students, You the parents, You the teachers, You the residents, You the community.


The 2018 BOE campaign kickoff speech is here:

By Authority of Friends of Chao Wu, Treasurer: Ying Wang

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