Delegate Office Hour (Meet and Greet)

Year 2024

Year 2023

1Damascus, MD2023-6-23:00-5:00PMDamascus Library
2Clarksville, MD2023-7-1510:00-12:00AMBagel Bin In River Hill Village Center
3Lisbon2023-8-269:30-11:00AMThe Grill at Lisbon,
15943 Frederick Rd, Woodbine, MD
4West Friendship2023-9-2310:00-12:00Dunkin Donuts.
12800 Frederick Rd, West Friendship, MD 21794
5Clarksburg2023-10-2812:00-14:00Clarksburg Tavern
6Ellicott City2023-11-1810:00-11:30Dunkin Donuts.
11100 Barnsley Way, Suite H, Marriottsville, MD 21104
7Damascus2023-11-287:00-8:30Damascus High School,
Upper County Town Hall with Council Member Darn Leudtke, Marilyn Balcombe, Delegate Chao Wu and Natalize Ziegler.