Join Team Wu’s Independence Day Parade

Please join us to celebrate the great moment. Please email me at We will meet at 9:00 AM on July 4th, Pointers’ Run Elementary School and Clarksville Middle School.

As always, this year’s parade will be held on July 4 beginning at 9 a.m. The parade stages in the parking lots at Pointers Run Elementary and Clarksville Middle Schools, travels the length of Great Star Drive, and ends at Signal Bell Lane at the 5th District Fire Station. It is not unusual to see chairs set up along the route early in the morning in anticipation of this community tradition. There are many great things about River Hill’s Independence Day Parade. The kids might say it’s the candy and trinkets or the opportunity to ride a float or march with their friends. Of course, who can forget the Lawn Chair Marching Dads and the blasting sirens of the fire trucks. The presence of our elected officials and veterans of our nation’s wars honor our democracy and remind us of the sacrifices made on its behalf. We can all agree that each Independence Day our diverse community is fortunate to have the opportunity to think about what it means to be an American and to celebrate our freedom.

Our team needs your help to celebrate Independence Day as founding father John Adams envisioned in 1776, with “pomp and parade”! 

I have joined the parade each year since my daughter was two years old. It is fun and aspiring.

Please email me at We will meet at 9:00 AM on July 4th, Pointers’ Run Elementary School and Clarksville Middle School.

Interview with Baltimore Sun reporter

I was interviewed by Baltimore Sun’s reporter Janene Holzberg sometime ago over the  phone. As I said before, we would love to connect people and build friendship. I wish this is the first step and we can do more.

The article is out today online:  Columbia poised to add China’s Liyang as sister city

Eddison Hermond Memorial Scholarship Because of May Ellicott City Flood

Some of you may hear in the news that a person who was helping others was missing during last week’s Ellicott City flood.
The hero’s name is Eddison Hermond and he was found dead two days later unfortunately. There is a memorial scholarship set up under his name.
If you would like to make a contribution, please visit the following page:

2018 Howard County Primary Early Voting Locations

The following four centers open from 10 am to 8 pm daily from 6/14-6/21. A vote for Wu is a Vote for you.

  1. Miller branch Library, 9421 Frederick Road, Ellicott City, MD 21042
  2. The Bain Senior Center, 5470 Ruth Kenton Way, Columbia, MD 21044
  3. Howard County Fairgrounds, 2210 Fairgrounds Road, West Friendship, MD 21794
  4. Ridgely’s Run Community Center, 8400 Mission Road, Jessup, MD 20794

You can register to vote there too.

Then the general election is on Tuesday, 6/26/2018. The polling station may be changed. Check

If you could not make it , please request the absentee vote right now at:

It is your right to vote and it is your voice to determine the BOE race.

National Gun Violence Awareness Day Proclamation

It is kind of shame we could not stop the continuous mass shooting around the country. More than ever, every parent now has a fear of their children’s safety at school.

CA board approved the following proclamation during last week’s board session on 4/26/2018. Please join their effort ( Moms Demand Action of Howard County) to advocate gun violence awareness. There was a Baltimore Sun report on them (Ruth Hughes, leader of the Howard County section of Moms Demand Action, said in the meantime children are being “literally caught in the crosshairs.”):

CA national gun violence awareness day


Carry the torch and move forward

Part of my speech at 4/7/2018 African American Coalition and Delta Sigma Theta Soroity BOE Candidate Forum:

When I grew up, Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream” was one of the few English articles I was asked to recite. I really like it and he motivated and changed this county.

If it were not for Dr. King and the civil rights movement, I would not even be here, let alone running for BOE.

Civil rights movement never ends until everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Education is one of the key parts of this movement and this dream. We must provide equitable learning opportunities for each student. We must also encourage our students to overcome all difficulties and pursue their dream.


Partisan Fight and Two Dynasty Collapses in China’s History

Seeing the US’s partisan fight unfolding in front of everybody, I feel I need write a piece of history from China’s Song Dynasty (BC 960-1279) and Ming Dynasty (BC 1368-1644). During both dynasties later stage, both experienced severe partisan flight which accelerated the demise of both governments. Mongolia invaded and killed Song Dynasty and Manchu invaded and killed Ming Dynasty.

The parties in the fights both declared they were fighting for the best of the country’s interest. In reality, they were some kind of coups fighting for the establishment’s interest only ( There were definitely some positive outcomes from the fight without doubt). When the outside forces invaded and they still could not unite such that both of them were destroyed at the demise of the dynasty.

Partisan flight in China’s Song Dynasty (Year 960-1279)

The high echelons of the political scene during the Song dynasty left a notorious legacy of partisanship and strife among factions of state ministers. The careers of low-grade and middle-grade officials were largely secure; in the high ranks of the central administration, “reverses of fortune were to be feared,” as Sinologist historian Jacques Gernet put it.[97] The Chancellor Fan Zhongyan (989–1052) introduced a series of reforms between 1043 and 1045 that received heated backlash from the conservative element at court. Fan set out to erase corruption from the recruitment system by providing higher salaries for minor officials, in order to persuade them not to become corrupt and take bribes.[129] He also established sponsorship programs that would ensure officials were drafted on their merits, administrative skills, and moral character more than their etiquette and cultured appearance.[129] However, the conservatives at court did not want their career paths and comfortable positions jeopardized by new standards, so they rallied to successfully halt the reforms.[129]

Inspired by Fan, the later Chancellor Wang Anshi (1021–1086) implemented a series of reforms in 1069 upon his ascendance to office. Wang promulgated a community-based law enforcement and civil order known as the Baojia system. Wang Anshi attempted to diminish the importance of landholding and private wealth in favor of mutual-responsibility social groups that shared similar values and could be easily controlled by the government.[130] Just as scholar-officials owed their social prestige to their government degrees, Wang wanted to structure all of society as a mass of dependents loyal to the central government.[130] He used various means, including the prohibition of landlords offering loans to tenants; this role was assumed by the government.[130] Wang established local militias that could aid the official standing army and lessen the constrained state budget expenses for the military.[131] He set up low-cost loans for the benefit of rural farmers, whom he viewed as the backbone of the Song economy.[131] Since the land tax exacted from rural farmers filled the state treasury’s coffers, Wang implemented a reform to update the land-survey system so that more accurate assessments could be gathered.[131] Wang removed the mandatory poetry requirement in the civil service exams, on the grounds that many otherwise skilled and knowledgeable Confucian students were being denied entry into the administration.[131] Wang also established government monopolies for tea, salt, and wine production.[131] All of these programs received heavy criticism from conservative ministerial peers, who believed his reforms damaged local family wealth which provided the basis for the production of examination candidates, managers, merchants, landlords, and other essential members of society.[130] Historian Paul J. Smith writes that Wang’s reforms—the New Policies—represented the professional bureaucratic elite’s final attempt to bring the thriving economy under state control to remedy the lack of state resources in combating powerful enemies to the north—the Liao and Western Xia.[132]

Winston W. Lo argues that Wang’s obstinate behavior and inability to consider revision or annulment of his reforms stemmed from his conviction that he was a latter-day sage.[133] Confucian scholars of the Song believed that the ‘way’ (dao) embodied in the Five Classics was known by the ancient sages and was transmitted from one sage to another in an almost telepathic manner, but after it reached Mencius (c. 372–c. 289 BC) there was no one worthy of accepting the transference of the dao.[134] Some believed that the long dormant dao could be revived if one were truly a sage; Lo writes of Song Neo-Confucianists, “it is this self-image which explained their militant stand in relation to conventional ethics and scholarship.”[134] Wang defined his life mission as restoring the unity of dao, as he believed it had not departed from the world but had become fragmented by schools of Confucian thought, each one propagating only half-truths.[135] Lo asserts that Wang, believing that he was in possession of the dao, followed Yi Zhi and the Duke of Zhou‘s classic examples in resisting the wishes of selfish or foolish men by ignoring criticism and public opinion.[135] If unflinching certitude in his sagehood and faultless reforms was not enough, Wang sought potential allies and formed a coalition that became known as the New Policies Group, which in turn emboldened his known political rivals to band together in opposition to him.[136] Yet factional power struggles were not steeped in ideological discourse alone; cliques had formed naturally with shifting alliances of professional elite lineages and efforts to obtain a greater share of available offices for one’s immediate and extended kinship over vying competitors.[137] People such as Su Shi also opposed Wang’s faction on practical grounds; for example, Su’s critical poem hinting that Wang’s salt monopoly hindered effective salt distribution.[131]

Wang resigned in 1076 and his leaderless faction faced uncertainty with the death of its patron emperor in 1085. The political faction led by the historian and official Sima Guang (1019–1086) then took control of the central government, allied with the dowager empress who acted as regent over the young Emperor Zhezong of Song (r. 1085–1100). Wang’s new policies were completely reversed, including popular reforms like the tax substitution for corvée labor service.[131] When Emperor Zhezong came of age and replaced his grandmother as the state power, he favored Wang’s policies and once again instituted the reforms in 1093.[138][139] The reform party was favored during the reign of Huizong (r. 1100–1125) while conservatives were persecuted—especially during the chancellery of Cai Jing (1047–1126).[139] As each political faction gained advantage over the other, ministers of the opposing side were labeled “obstructionist” and were sent out of the capital to govern remote frontier regions of the empire. This form of political exile was not only politically damaging, but could also be physically threatening. Those who fell from favor could be sent to govern areas of the deep south where the deadly disease malaria was prevalent.[131]

Partisan flight in China’s Ming Dynasty (Year 1368-1644)

The Donglin movement (Chinese: 東林黨; pinyin: Dōnglíndǎng; Wade–Giles: Tung-lin-tang) was an ideological and philosophical movement of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties of China.

The movement was established in 1604, during the Wanli era of Ming, when Gu Xiancheng (1550–1612), a Grand Secretary, and Gao Panlong (高攀龍, 1562–1626), a scholar, restored the Donglin Academy in Wuxi with the financial backing of local gentry and officials.[1]

The motivation for restoring the Academy was concern about the state of the bureaucracy and its inability to bring about improvement. The movement represented a resort to moral Confucian traditions as a means of arriving at fresh moral evaluations.[2] Thereafter the Academy became a centre of dissent for public affairs in the late Ming and early Qing periods. Many supporters of Donglin were found in the bureaucracy and it became deeply involved in factional politics. The movement got momentum when the Donglin Academy in Wuxi was joined by the academies of the nearby Wujin and Yixing.[3]

Many of the academy’s creators were among the mandarins who a few years previously had forced the Wanli Emperor to appoint his first-born son, Zhu Changluo (the future Taichang Emperor) as the heir to the throne, even though the emperor himself would rather have the throne go to Zhu Changxun (the emperor’s son from his favorite concubine, Lady Zheng).[4]

During the reign of the Tianqi Emperor, Donglin opposition to the eunuch Wei Zhongxian resulted in the closure of the Academy in 1622 and the torture and execution of its head, Yang Lian, and five other members in 1624.[5] The accession of the Chongzhen Emperor restored the fortunes of the Donglin faction.[6] Later during Chongzhen’s reign, Donglin partisans found themselves opposed to the Grand Secretary Wen Tiren, eventually arranging his dismissal in 1637.

The Donglin movement represented growth of the literati influence on the political life in late Imperial China. In this, it was inherited by the Suzhou-centered Fushe movement (復社) before the fall the Ming dynasty, and by the Changzhou School of Thought during the Qing. China’s defeat in the Opium War (1839–42) served for revival of interest to the Donglin movement, as a prominent instance of literati solidarity.[7]

The arrogance from some media and some reporters

I attended a Committee of 100 panel where a 25 year (?) veteran, Washington Post Associate Editor and Columnist David Ignatius shared his perspective on reports covering China. Just shared several of his responses.

  1. When asked why Gordon Chang with no credibility(The author of The-Coming-Collapse-of-China, forever) can consistently gain top focus and prime coverage on the main media,  Mr. Ignatius first pretended that he never heard that Gordon Chang ( that is a lie, right?). Then after asked by the host whether there was a bias from the media, he murmured he did not know.
  2. Then the panel host George Koo asked David why so much negativity covered by US media on China, instead the 2017 C-100 survey found out that the US general public had a favorable view on China than what the reporters and media had?

Mr. Ignatius said he did not care about others point of view  and he just wanted to report what he was interested in and what he cared.  And that was he was taught about what a true journalism was. (literally the exact word of his answer)

I found an article on titled: “‘Fake News’ And How The Washington Post Rewrote Its Story On Russian Hacking Of The Power Grid”,


Seeking Common Ground

I attended the C-100 (Committee of 100) Annual Conference 2017 as the next generation leader last week.  I know C-100 for a long time since it is often quoted both in US and China’s media for its great contribution to bridge US and China, especially during difficult times.  I strongly agree with C-100’s mission. However, I feel it is somewhat detached from the first generation Chinese immigration community.   The website is :

C-100 background:

The Committee of 100 is a membership organization of Chinese Americans dedicated to the spirit of excellence and achievement in America.

Current members include I.M. Pei, master architect; Yo-Yo Ma, renowned cellist; Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube; Leroy Chiao, NASA Astronaut; David Ho, AIDS researcher and 1996 Time Man of the Year; and Michelle Kwan, figure skating champion. Membership to the Committee of 100 is by invitation.

The Committee of 100 is registered as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit headquartered in New York City, and has active regional chapters in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Beijing.

C-100 mission:

The Committee’s purpose is to provide leadership and act as a constructive force in the dual mission of:

  • Promoting the full participation of all Chinese Americans in American society and acting as a public policy resource for the Chinese-American community
  • Promoting constructive dialogue and relationships between the peoples and leaders of the United States and Greater China.

Here is the picture for the opening ceremony.

Please comment against more divide on race and ethnicity

Some friend shared “Revision of Standards for Maintaining, Collecting, and Presenting Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity: Proposals From Federal Interagency Working Group” with me. The link location is You can comment by clicking at the top right corner.

I can see more divide on race and ethnicity. Luckily they are not talking about culture yet. From my own experience and my participation on OneHoward group meeting several week ago, I definitely believe sometimes culture difference is larger than race or ethnicity difference. This more division will not create harmony everybody try to seek and dream.

We should boycott this kind of absurdity. This is in my mind: five groups– Native Americans, White Americans, Black Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans. Sure the best is just one group: Americans.

Take a look at the following proposals. I moved white American to the top just in case more divisions should be created, for example, Russian Americans, or Jewish Americans?

Their division on race and ethnicity are:

  1. For white Americans,  dividing into German, Irish, English, Italian, Polish, and French.
  2. For native Americans, dividing into into Navajo Nation, Blackfeet Tribe, Mayan, Aztec, Native Village or Barrow Inupiat Traditional Government, and Nome Eskimo Community
  3. For Asian Americans,  dividing into Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and an “other Asian” category?
  4. For Black or African American, dividing into African American, Jamaican, Haitian, Nigerian, Ethiopian, and Somali.
  5. For Hispanic or Latino, dividing into separately Mexican or Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Salvadoran, Dominican, and Colombian
  6. For Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders,  dividing into Native Hawaiian, Samoan, Chamorro, Tongan, Fijian, and Marshallese.

If following this trend, my wife and I will be classified into two race/ethnicity one day because we speak different dialects since we can always find ways to differentiate or discriminate people.

Where is the end? Look at another reference how California’s new law AB-1726. divide Asian Americans into 25 groups. See my original post:


US warmongers starting again

Shame on today’s New York Times headline: A ‘Cuban Missile Crisis in Slow Motion’ in North Korea.

It seems in my short memory for any US presidents, they need start a new war.  I do not read Fox News at all and I believe they probably has been promoting this North Korean War for Trump for a while already.  Now even New York Times are starting the war mongering propaganda so early, partially because they deliberately want to push Trump into this non-winning war such that people can look at Trump presidency as a total joke as they predicted. Hey, come on, North Korea is so far away from USA. They have not invaded or bombed USA for the last 60 years. There is no comparison between Cuba missile crisis and North Korea at all.

If North Korea is really bad, they will fall by themselves eventually. If they dare strike, we have the capability to strive back and hard.  Furthermore, all the US media portraits NK leader really really bad. In realty, it is probably not so accurate. To rule a country like NK, cruelty and dictatorship are not enough and he certainly still benefits from the heritage from his father. One day those heritage will be lost and that is the moment his rule will collapse.  If US wants to destroy North Korea, they should be obligated to rebuild them and we see the failure in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.  One failure after another failure, and those shameless people still ask for another failure in North Korea.

For any presidents, senators, or congressmen, if they approve a war, at least, they should send their kids to the front line, fighting there, not cowardly sitting back in the air-conditional room defending democracy.  Or financially, they should donate their one-year salary to the war spending at least.

Interesting or not surprisingly, on the war effort, the democrats are joining Trump’s bandwagon.

Many ignorant people do not know basic facts at all. If North Korea just dump all their ammunition into South Korea which is just 50 miles away, the whole South Korea Capital Seoul will be destroyed and Korean peninsular history will be rewritten at the cost of North Korea’s disappearance. Unfortunately, South Korea is not on the decision table at all.

But who wins?

Volunteering and activism

I was nominated as Howard County Volunteer of The Year on Wednesday night. I really appreciate CA chair Andy Stack’s nomination and Jean Xu and Clarence Lam’s endorsement. Although I did not win the award, I was very excided to learn so many volunteers and their good heart and dedicated work to help our community.

I volunteer because I want to help and I want to change. It is easier to lead by example. I want to lead this new wave of Chinese Americans to volunteer and participate into the community in all aspects. As long as each of us contribute a little bit and continue to get involved, we will make a huge difference.

There are some differences and commonality between volunteer and activism.  One key common component is our passion for the cause we work for. In this new era with social media, everyone can be a leader and follower and advance the community’s common interests. The only difficulty is the indifference such that we get disconnected with the real world and dillusionally live in our small comfort houses.

I was shouted “Go back to China”

I was shouted “Go back to China”

 By Dr. Chao Wu, Clarksville,

On Monday, March 20th 2017, I submitted this article to Columbia Flier ( Howard County Times) for publication. Since it was not published by them in two weeks, I am sharing here now.

Recently, several incidents of Indian, Chinese, Sikh Americans being murdered occurred around country. It is a sad reality we are facing and it is challenging us to unite our diverse community.

As a Chinese immigrant, I have experienced racism first hand when I was studying at University of Maryland, College Park. One spring day in 2007, while I was riding my bike to school on Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, I was yelled at “go back to China” and more than ten school girls (little and not too little) threw stones at me. I was scared but brave enough at the time to shout back: “How do you know I am from China”?  That was my first encounter with blatant racism.  Later my friends and coworkers told me that I should never argue with them because they may have guns with them.

What did I do? I told my colleagues and friends about this incident, then quit riding to school. I studied hard and worked hard. Life moves on. I am now living in one of the best counties, raising a family and serving the community.

History will repeat itself unless we are vigilant. I am well read about the history of the Chinese Exclusion Act and Japanese internment camps. I also understand the difficulties that many new immigrants are facing because I am one of them.  At the same time, we should be careful not to call all accidents as racism which will negatively dilute the message and not help facilitate discussions. Issue based discussions are much easier to start and can actually result in something useful since people will fight to the death about religion and ideology.

Furthermore, we should not just pander history, which unfortunately is very complicated, and sometimes very cruel. Instead, we should focus on thinking forward – on how to provide better education, create more jobs, and how to build a harmonious community.

Denouncement of White Nationalist Poster in UMD

The accident happens unfortunately at UMD where I spent and enjoyed much time there. See the link and picture:

Maryland Chinese American Network (MD-CAN) Statement on University of Maryland White Nationalist Posters

March 21, 2017

Maryland Chinese American Network (MD-CAN), a nonpartisan, issue based community advocacy group denounces the content of the white nationalist posters found in University of Maryland at College Park campus on March 13, 2017.  It is against MD-CAN’s devotion to a diverse and inclusive Maryland.

We fully support President Wallace D. Loh’s statement on March 14 and University of Maryland Police Department’s diligent follow up action.  While understanding the freedom of speech right, we consider these posters offensive and abhorrent.

MD-CAN commits to working with the community in making sure students, including international students, feel safe and welcome on campus in State of Maryland and our great country, the United States of America.

Sherry Chen’s Fighting for Fairness and Justice

Sherry Chen’s Upcoming MSPB Hearing: Fighting for Fairness and Justice for Herself & the Community

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2017 /PR Newswire/ — The Merit Systems Protection Board will hold a public hearing on Sherry Chen’s appeal in the U.S. Court House, Cincinnati, Ohio on March 14-15.

Sherry Chen was an award-winning hydrologist at the National Weather Service.  For over a decade, she worked tirelessly on developing flood prediction models to save lives and properties throughout the Ohio Valley.  However, in 2014 her valuable work was halted when she was wrongfully charged by the government for spying for China.

The New York Times broke the story about Sherry Chen ( and its editorial board demanded an apology from the government.  CBS’s 60 Minutes broadcasted her and Professor Xiaoxing Xi’s story as “Collateral Damage” (  Congressional members, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and thousands of community organizations and individuals requested the Department of Justice to explain the pattern of investigating and prosecuting innocent Chinese American scientists.

Then government abruptly dropped Sherry Chen’s case without explanation, apparently due to lack of credible facts and criminal intent.  However, she was wrongfully terminated from her job by the Department of Commerce for the same unfounded justifications.

The Chinese Exclusion Act and the internment of Japanese Americans have been among the most racist and discriminatory actions against Asian Americans.  Targeting an individual and then finding a crime to fit devastates the person and the entire community, violating the civil liberties all Americans value.

Dr. Jeremy Wu, Trustee of the Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund, commented, “we must heal these wounds by voicing our concerns and fighting for fairness and justice to protect innocent people.  To help Sherry Chen is to help ourselves.”

Sherry Chen is continuing her fight – for fairness and justice – not just for herself but also the future generations of Asian Americans.  Join this cause and support by

  • Sharing Sherry Chen’s story to your friends and colleagues: Click to Tweet
  • Attending and reporting on the public hearing:


  • Donating to the Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund:

About the Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund
The Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund was created in 2015 to receive donations and support Sherry Chen’s continuing fight to defend herself and seek fairness and justice for the broader community.  Visit to learn more.

Media Contact:
Jeremy Wu, Ph.D.
Trustee, Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund

Support for Garmin Victims

I used to work at Garmin for a short period of time. I really enjoyed the work environment ,my team, and the middle of the country there. I heard the tragedy there and feel really sad about the status of the country.  We should unite and make the country better.


The Chinese Community expresses its deepest condolences to Srinivas Kuchibhotla and his family, and its sympathy to Alok Madasani for the violent crime committed against them by suspect Adam Purinton in Olathe, Kansas. We also praised Ian Grillotan, a true American hero, who risked his life to protect others.

The shooting is now under federal and local investigation as a possible hate crime against two immigrants from India. It reminds the Chinese American community of the bitter memories of the 1982 killing of Vincent Jen Chin in the suburb of Detroit. Chin was mistaken as Japanese and was beaten to death by a Chrysler plant superintendent and his stepson. The killers were convicted of manslaughter through plea bargain, and served no jail time, with 3 year probation and $3,000 fine and were cleared of all federal civil rights charges.

Facing the increasing racial tension, hostility, and senseless killings of Asian Americans and other minorities, the Chinese American community supports the call by the South Asian American community for a full investigation of the Kansas shooting. We also urge the federal and local authorities to condemn the hate crime if it is proven to be the case.

The Chinese American community shall, as always, stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from every Asian American community. Together, we shall work with the government to confront the rising hatred and divisiveness across the country.

The used Libya by Hillary Clinton

I have been listening to CD’s while driving to work. It is a great experience. Just finished two CD series, one is HRC (2015) and the other is Hillary’s own memo (Living History, 2004).

From Hillary’s own memo, I have strong empathy for her when Bill Clinton was in the governor’s office or at White House. The couple always had law suit with them each year. Monica Lewinsky was the final show in their political life before Hillary was elected to the senate. Remembering the “House of Card”, right?

Topping Libya and killing of Gaddafi was basically Hillary’s sole promotion as sectary of state. Hillary definitely suffered from the Tripoli tragedy (“what is the big difference” sentence while she was running for president, then email gate, then Clinton foundation, wiki leaks, DNC leaks, Wall Street Speeches, etc) where one US ambassador and other US state employee were killed. Just a quick refresh: Another US ambassador was killed 25 years ago. There were not so many embassies that were bombed or ambassadors were killed. A Russian ambassador was killed in Turkey in 2017. Around 20 years ago, US bombed China’s embassy in Yugoslavia. Wherever this kind stuff happened a tragedy always associated. Nobody can say Libya is better than before. Probably it will never be better than before since it will be more radicalized and moderate will keep fleeing into Europe or USA.

It is the shame of some public media. They can interchangeably use dissent, opposition, rebellion, extremist, terrorist for the same group of people either in Libya or Iraq, even when they could not define what exactly the group is.

In the past, I believe a lot inpublic media. Now more and more people are losing trust on them. The failing Libya is the hard and brutal evidence when politician, media, and military machine can do unbelievable harm to the world which will bite back on themselves eventually. Just look at the immigration and refuge crisis which is shocking the whole Europe.

Previous example is Iraqi. Next one will be Ukraine unless John McCain is out.

Inhumane and unbelievable of US visa application

I am trying to ask our elected officials to help with a visa application for a family whose son was brutally murmured in Bowie, Maryland. The victim’s family want to attended their son’s funeral and the US consular denied their visa application. Just read how the visa application was denied in five seconds, the process sometimes is inhumane and unbelievable wrong.

Our state senate Susan Lee called me back and offered to help. I really appreciate her effort.

Dear our elected Asian American Caucus,

(Their email is

We need your urgent help for a visa application.

There was a triple murder in Bowie, Maryland in January. The news is here:

I just heard that the victim’s family members of Mr. Jin Chen in China applied for visa to attend the funeral in Maryland and were denied the visa. They were thinking of applying for the visa again on this Friday (Feb 24) at the US consular at Guangzhou, China. It was reported that Chen’s family member was asked a question whether Mr. Chen was married.  After the family member replied with a “yes”, then the visa application was denied immediately. I just could not think of a situation like this. A visa to attend a family funeral in a terrible murder case was denied without any sound reasons.


Can any of you do something to help their family members to get a visa? You can write to the state department and the US consular at Guangzhou, China to express your support to grant a visa to Mr. Chen’s family member.  Such kind of letters usually help.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Chao Wu

A resident from Howard County, Maryland

Grandpa Jiansheng Chen’s killer was charged finally and questions on HOA security service

FROM NBC news: Johnathan Cromwell was charged with second-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of murder in the Jan. 26 shooting of Jiansheng Chen, Commonwealth Attorney Nancy G. Parr said in a statement.


The process was very confusing to many people. While the victim’s family could not even get the killer’s name for three weeks, the company’s attorney was all over the news that the killing was justified. Sure, that is their PR tactics.

Looking at indeed,, this company has a really low ratings from its own employee (2.3 out of 5).

A larger issue was shared from this post: “How security service is provided for many HOA? “. Their residents should be clear on the policy.

Questions abound over Citywide Protection Services shooting at Riverwalk HOA (VA)

Questions abound over Citywide Protection Services shooting at Riverwalk HOA (VA)

Their grandfather is my grandfather


最近Chesapeake, VA的一位华人大爷惨遭保安杀害,见报道:



126日,也就是腊月二十九的晚上,维吉尼亚州Chesapeake60岁的福建籍华人陈建生老先生,晚上11点左右,将车停在离自己家不到半迈远的小区俱乐部门前玩手机游戏口袋精灵(Pokémon Go,老人想通过玩游戏增加同孙子、孙女的交流。然而却被小区保安从驾驶座前窗和侧窗的位置,至少开了510枪,射击要害部位,导致陈建生当场身亡。

保安是一名保安公司的员工。保安公司和陈老先生居住的小区签有保安合同。合同规定的是unarmed patrol 陈老先生英语交流能力非常有限。看照片个子不高,体型瘦小,事发时手无寸铁。现在只有保安的一面之词,没有录像,只有另一名保安是目击证人。

如果你居住的小区有保安巡逻,周围有不谙英语的华裔父母来访,请你关注一下保安巡逻合约,是armed patrol or unarmed patrol? 保安和小区居民起争执,有什么样的程序解决争执。我们不希望老人们仅仅因为语言能力,种族,或身体不够强壮就被本该保护他们的保安bully,被无辜伤害。