CA by Numbers ( Part II, The Villager 2015-9)

CA by Numbers (Part II)

By Chao Wu

I always want to keep our residents informed so that you can provide input and help the Columbia Association’s Board of Directors (CABOD) make intelligence decisions.

For people who attended,listened, or checked CA’s September 10 BOD meeting online, an updated membership study was proposed. This study reflects our continued effort to improve our customer service and satisfy the needs of our residents. The number of membership types will be smaller, some membership types will have more programs available and the price will be raised ( a lot! ). The CABOD and has not approved the new membership structure yet. If you want to have a look at it, please check the CA website for the meeting packet under Sept 10 or you can email me and I will send you a copy.

CA’S Planning and Strategy Committee will have two meetings discussing the 2017-2019 budget. One is on Oct. 8 and the other is on Oct. 21. You are welcome to attend them or send me or the board your suggestions.

At the same time of CA’s meeting, County Executive Mr. Kittleman came to Clarksville and listened to local residents in a Town Hall Meeting. Many residents spoke out about their concerns too. Many residents are really concerned how our community is going forward with a diverse and growing population and how new development will preserve River Hill as a coherent community.

In the last Villager, I shared figures showing how CA spent funds in in Fiscal Year 2015. In this issue, I will present some other statistics showing the demographics in our neighborhood. The data is abstracted from 2010 census data and CA’s 2015 village study handbook.

In terms of population distribution, the Village of River Hill has the highest Asian American rate (26%) and the lowest African American rate (6%) when compared with Columbia and Howard County. Please see Figure 1.

Figure 1: Race distribution in percentage among River Hill, Columbia and Howard County (2010 Census data)

Race Distribution in River Hill, Columbia and HC

Then if we look at the age distribution, River Hill has the highest percentage of people of age 10-19 and age 40-49. Please see Figure 2.So, we are the youngest village in terms of the age of our residents. However, approximately 30% of River Hill residents are over 50 years old. Over time, our population like that Columbia- and County-wide is going to age. This is one reason that CA is preparing more senior-accessible services.

Figure 2: Age distribution among River Hill, Columbia and Hoard County
Age distribution

Our local and large communities are changing fast and the change is unavoidable. It is very important for us to understand our mission, vision, and expectations as we prepare for these changes. .

Based on the changing demographics, where do you think CA should be focusing its efforts? What services and amenities will be important to you and your family over the next few years and in the long term?

Chao Wu, Ph.D.
River Hill Representative to Columbia Council
Columbia Association Board of Directors
Email: Tel: 240-481-9637 website:
Disclaimer: This letter only represents Dr. Chao Wu’s personal opinion. It does not represent River Hill Board of Directors nor Columbia Association’s Board.