CA Going Green (The Villager 2015-10)

Going Green
By Chao Wu

CA News
The Columbia Association (CA) is preparing for the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budgets. It is my first time sitting on the Board of Directors for CA and the process is very interesting. I have some things to share:

1) In the new proposed budget, in a capital project directly related to River Hill, we will replace CA plans to replace the current River Hill Pool wading pool with and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant(AD) beach entry wading pool. that includes The modifications will include interactive play features, a slide and additional shade cover to protect the children and parents sitting at the wading pool. from April to October 2016.

2) Ponds are expensive. CA has around approximately 40 ponds. We spent around 1 million dollars on a pond in the last several years for safety and to meet new regulations too. CA is currently conducting a comprehensive survey on of all the ponds ( the survey results will be available next year) now. This study will enable us to will understand the full cost on of maintaining our ponds.

3) Residents are really concerned. We had more than 30 residents attend the October 8 CA board meeting who spoke out on the Dannon Garth Pond in Long Reach during Oct 8th meeting. That was the first time I saw so many residents attending CA’s board meeting.

4) There will be more board meetings to discuss the budget. They are held on Oct. 22, Nov. 12 is the next time the draft budget will be discussed. and more. The boards will vote on this new budget in February 2016. We are still looking for resident inputs.

Going Green
“Going green” is coming to many people’s minds because we realize that we need a sustainable development compatible with our environment.

CA has always been focusing on “Going Green”. CA is taking several strategies to achieve the goal such as: use using more green/renewable energy sources and increase utility efficiency.

Furthermore, going green is both a choice and a life style. Each time in summer, when my son and I walk into the men’s change room in the Columbia Gym and my son is trembling because of the low temperature, I do not feel the “going green” strategy is implemented there.

“Going green” requires us to use less energy if possible. In the winter, we could choose to wear a sweeter sweater at home with for comfort. In the summer, we can choose to wear a shirt without a suites in office to stay cooler. When we wash heavy items such as clothes,/blankets, and quilt covers, we can hang them in the backyard and let the nature do the dry workd (remember to obtain Architectural Committee approval for a clothesline.) When we go to Giant and buy small stuff,items, we can try to walk there if possible. Furthermore, we can use many outdoor facilities in our neighbourhood for exercise.

CA is working to provide convenience to our residents’ life for exercise. We are connecting and widening more trails such that we can hike and bike with longer distances and more safely. CA is maintaining lakes with excellent landscaping such that while walking along it, we can also enjoy the beautiful lake scenery.
In the past Saturday morning, I hiked with some other folks in our beautiful trails for an hour. While walking, some leaves were flying around, and some were following my steps, with and there were so many colors.

I really love this community.

Chao Wu, Ph.D.
River Hill Representative to Columbia Council
Columbia Association Board of Directors
Email: Tel: 240-481-9637 website:
Disclaimer: This letter only represents Dr. Chao Wu’s personal opinion. It does not represent River Hill Board of Directors nor Columbia Association’s Board.