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Please join CA’s China Sister City Planning Committee. Unofficial Chinese version and English official version follow.

大家好,CA的China Sister City Planning Committee正式啟動了。作為現在的China Sister City Planning Committee中的一員,很高興我們的CSCPC終於運行起來了。我知道大家都很忙;但是我期待大家以一種接力服務的精神參加社區活動。只要我們大家分散開來,一個星期甚至一個月貢獻一點點時間,就可以使得我們的力量顯示出來。


在眾多城市中,我們選中的是江甦的溧陽市,風景優美,位置方便。其實對於我們來說,無論是南京人,北京人還是台北人,大家都是我們哈維郡的華裔。 別的族裔看我如是,我們又何必分彼此呢?




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Date: Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 11:19 AM -0800
Subject: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Columbia Association seeking China sister city planning committee members
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Columbia Association seeking China sister city planning committee members
Columbia Association’s International & Multicultural Programs Advisory Committee is seeking volunteers to join the China Sister City Planning Committee, which is exploring the possibility of a sister city relationship between Columbia, Maryland, and Liyang, China — a city of more than 780,000 people located in Jiangsu province between Nanjing and Shanghai.

The China Sister City Planning Committee consists of Columbia and Howard County residents who are working on developing a proposal that will be presented to CA’s Board of Directors. Committee members should have a genuine interest in China, be able to participate actively as a member of the committee and attend monthly evening meetings. The committee will include residents who are of Chinese heritage as well as community members with an interest in Chinese language and culture. The next committee meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. at CA Headquarters, 6310 Hillside Court, located off Stevens Forest Road near the county vehicle emissions inspection station

If the CA Board approves the request to establish a sister city relationship, then committee members will assist with the development of international exchange programs for youth and adults in areas such as art, music, dance, education, sports, architecture and cuisine.

For more information, please contact Laura Smit, program manager for CA’s International Exchange and Multicultural Programs, by calling 410-715-3162 or sending an email to

CA’s International Exchange and Multicultural Programs foster international understanding and celebrate the diverse cultures of Columbia. The goals of the International Exchange Program include developing new exchanges with Columbia’s three sister cities and creating new Sister City relationships in other cities and nations. CA also develops multicultural programs for the community such as the World Languages Café, Culture Fests and the International Book Club. For more information, go to

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