2007-2016 CA sport and fitness financial summary

Got some information from CA staff to share.  In all CA facilities, only three fitness clubs can earn some money.

The Sport & Fitness Department in total generally operates at a loss, meaning that the annual charge does subsidize the department’s operations. Looking back to FY 2007 (data that was quickly available), the annual charge has subsidized the Sport & Fitness Department every year. Not surprisingly, the Outdoor Pools/Swim Center require the greatest average annual subsidy.

 However, the three fitness clubs have not been directly subsidized by the annual charge over that period. From 2007 through the 2016 estimate, they have contributed an average of $1,451,000 each year to offset the annual charge subsidy needed for other programs and administrative costs. This is quite impressive, really, when we consider that they operate with some rates that are significantly below market; i.e., income-qualified discounts, resident membership rates and the CA Points program. Generally speaking, CA’s costs to operate the clubs are not below market, and in fact, are very likely higher, given our philosophy as an employer, our community service mission, etc.

So, the annual charge does subsidize the Sport & Fitness Department, but not the three fitness clubs. The attached spreadsheet shows the breakdown by facility, before the Administrative Services allocation. 

2007-2016 CA Sport and Fitness financial status



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  1. Linda Wengel says:

    The annual charge SHOULD subsidize the facilities. There is nothing wrong with that.

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