2016-2017 CA new board and new tasks

We had a new board for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. We had a new board member from Town Center, Lin Eagan.

Andy Stack from Owen Brown is the new chair. Dick Boulton from Dorsey’s Search is the new vice chair.

This year, the board operation committee is running with a different structure. Besides the chair and vice chair, every other board member takes turn sitting in this committee. I will serve in the Board Operation Committee in July. The purpose of the Board Operations Committee is to ensure the effective functioning of the CA Board and to oversee the Board’s relationship with the CA President/CEO.  The Board Operations Committee (BOC) membership includes the chairs of the ERC, PSC and SIC Committees, as well as the chair of the CA Board of Directors.

I am also sitting at at Risk Management Committee. The purpose of the Risk Management committee is to oversee CA’s general liability self-insurance program.

There are many tasks coming:

  1. Continue improving customer service.
  2. Approve FY-2018 budget
  3. Implement new membership/pricing structure
  4. Pond Study, which will help us understand how much cost needed for pond maintenance.
  5. Five-year rolling Capital Budget (Facilities maintenance)
  6. Enhance CA’s influence in planning and development of Columbia:    
    1. Affordable housing in Downtown Columbia
    2. Redevelopment of Long Reach Village Center
    3. Redevelopment of Hickory Ridge Village Center
    4. Commercial covenants
    5. New Town Zoning
    6. New Welcome Center
  7. Develop an implementation plan to attract and retain young adults (CA facilities)
  8. Columbia’s 50th Birthday Celebration
  9. I have been working on a Columbia’s China Sister City program, which will continue.