2016 BOE Candidate Interviews starting

We, including Chinese American Parent Association (CAPA) of Howard County, Howard County Chinese School (Howard County campus and Catonsville Campus), Chinese Language School of Columbia and Peiying Chinese School, are starting to interview the six BOD candidates in the following several weeks.

We are going to share our interviews with the community such that our voters will make an informed decision at the voting booths.

Here are the remaining six candidates:

Vicky Cutroneo I have served as parent volunteer for years at my children’s schools as well as volunteer youth sports coach and Girls Director of WHC youth basketball. Recent experience advocating for healthy air quality at Glenwood MS inspired me to run for BOE. I learned first hand that the qualities most important for a BOE member are my strengths: ability to communicate, collaborate and advocate.(vicky@christinaandvicky.com)

 Kirsten Coombs I have been a volunteer in several capacities at my daughter’s schools. I worked on the Citizens’ Operating Budget Review Committee (COBRC) in Spring 2015. I have a BS in Accounting and used my financial skills to analyze the budget and present the committee’s findings to stakeholders. I also have a BA in History and an MBA in International Business, so I appreciate educating the whole child.(kirsten@kirstencoombs.org)

 Christina Delmont-Small My 2 children are in HCPSS schools. I served as PTA Council of Howard County president for 3 terms & also on the Operating Budget Review Committee. I worked for the U.S. House of Representatives & have experience leading successful collaborations between stakeholders that I’ll bring to the BOE. I’ll continue to advocate for complete & accurate information to improve accountability & transparency. (team@ChristinaAndVicky.com)

  Mavis Ellis My 30 years in education includes being a PTA president, high school administrator, and educational evaluator. Currently, as a Pupil Personnel Worker, I daily advocate for students, their families, school staff, and others in the areas of special education, discipline, and education policy. I represent 70,000 Maryland educators on both National and State Board of Directors (NEA/MSEA). (mavisellis@gmail.com)

 Robert Wayne Miller I recently retired after 34 years of teaching in HCPSS elementary, middle, and high schools. My son and daughter attended HCPSS schools from K-12. I have a BS and M.Ed. in Music Education and a BS in Psychology from UM College Park. My perspective from “inside” and “outside” the school system positions me to prioritize initiatives, anticipate unintended consequences, and enable positive change. (miller4boe@gmail.com)

Janet Siddiqui Pediatrician, Experienced BOE member since 2007, past Chairman, Vice-Chairman. Over 30 yr resident Howard County. 21 years at Johns Hopkins, Medical Director & Faculty Teaching medical students/physicians. PTA, Volunteer, Demonstrated Leadership in handling BOE responsibilities. Has a Unique perspective, truly understands the “Whole Child”. Advocate for Children, their Education, Health and Future. (janet@janetsiddiqui.com)

Here are their primary election votes from Ballotopia:

2016 HoCo BOE Primary Election Result

2016 HoCo BOE Primary Election Winner Picture

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