Traffic Study by Donaldson along Clarksville Pike

Donaldson Funeral is trying to build a Donaldson Mortuary along Clarksville Pike ( Route 108). There have been strong  oppositions from the neighborhood, including several churches, schools and residents.

Last week, they are conducting a traffic study. The timing seems very odd. During summer when the school are closed and many people are on vacation, there for sure will be much less traffic. I am not sure how the authority agreed to conduct the traffic study during this time frame.

The traffic study result will not be convincing because of the flaw how the data was collected. Maybe they do not care too much since it is just a standard procedure and they need to push forward. Or maybe they are afraid to provide evidence which is not good for them if they choose to collect data in a normal working day.

Anyway, a large bulldozer is cleaning the hurdles now on the site.