HCPSS six-year spending review (Part 1)

I took data from HCPSS website, and an email from our County Executive Mr. Allan Kittleman (https://chaowu.org/2016/05/15/2017-boe-budget-answer-from-county-executive/) and put them together from 2010-2015.

HCPSS budget Summary

There are several observations:

  1. There has been a steady yearly increase of county funding to the education. The total HCPSS budget is increasing steadily.  But the rate varies a lot, from 0.62% to 6.61%. So we need ask ourselves: what is a proper rate for this budget increase?
  2.  Percentage of total large spending (over 25K) in the whole budget has been steadily increase. I will look at what are the major contributors later.
  3. There are at least more than 7000 transactions which are less than 25k. These small transactions consist of more than 20% of spending.