Summary of CA board meeting on September 8 2016

  1. Howard County Veteran Foundation wants to build a Howard County Veterans Monument at the fountain location at Lakefront, which is a CA property. Their president Robert Gillette presented in front of the board. Anybody wants to support them can contact him at Email: or Phone: 443-668-1037. CA BOD Reg Avery is on their board.
  2. Downtown Columbia Partnership is looking for CA to contribute them half million dollars of their total 1 million dollar budget. The other half part funding is provided by Howard Hughes.
  3. Pond study result came out. CA pond management will cost 5.7 million dollars over years. And this is just a start. We have 205 stormwater BMP to manage.
    pond-assessment-report-summaryThe board asked CA staff to check whether decommissioning some ponds is a possible solution. Proud Food and Hobbit’s Glen Golf Course East are possible candidates. Otherwise, every ten years, we are going to spend more than five million dollars on these again.
  4. The board approved to transfer Capital budget fund to fix Fairway Hills Flood Damage.
  5. The board approved request for purchasing exception ( waiver of “Request for Bids”) for the Fairway Hill Flood Damage repair.

    I voted No on this since I did not see the need for the waiver.

  6. The board approved request for purchasing exception for video vendor of $75000.

    I voted NO on this too since I did not like the idea that the staff picked up a single vendor and gave them money to do something. We have a “Request for Bids” process there. And I did not see the urgency for this project either.