African Americans in Howard County (AAIHC) 2016 Maryland General Election Community Political Forum

They don’t have a website. So I will use their facebook page here for further notice:

More Final Details for this Saturday’s AAIHC Political Forum

– each candidate will be given 30 second for opening remarks;

– each candidate will be given 1:30 seconds for each response; rebuttal depending on available time

– Red Card will be held up indicating that candidate has 30 seconds remaining in response

(Note: Moderator, at certain “intervals” will allow questions from audience.)

(Note: AAIHC’s Questions will cover a broad range of questions including local, state, national and global issues.

African Americans in Howard County (AAIHC)
2016 Maryland General Election Community Political Forum
in Partnership with the
Columbia (MD) Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

St. John Baptist Church

9055 Tamar Drive

Columbia, MD 21045

Saturday, October 8, 2016


9:15am Forum Opening Remarks – Rev. Robert A. F. Turner, President

African American Coalition of Howard County
African Americans in Howard County
“The Racial Wealth Divide and the Millennial Generation,” Dedrick Muhammad Dunbar, Williams College

9:20am Housekeeping Remarks/GET-OUT-THE –VOTE

Yvonne Howell, Co-Chairperson, Political Awareness and Involvement Committee
Columbia (MD) Alumnae Chapter
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

9:25am Questioning of Candidates for Howard County School Board

  • Coombs, Kirsten
  • Cutroneo, Vicky
  • Delmont-Small, Christina
  • Ellis, Mavis
  • Miller, Robert Wayne
  • Siddiqui, Janet

10:25am Questioning of Candidates for President of the United States

  • Clinton, Hillary (D)
  • Trump, Donald J. (R)
  • Johnson, Gary (Libertarian)
  • Stein, Jill (Green)

11:00am Questioning of Candidates for Maryland Senator United States Senate

  • Van Hollen, Chris (D)
  • Szeliga, Kathy (R)
  • Flowers, Margaret (Green)

12:00am Questioning of Candidates for United States House of Representatives

Maryland District 2

  • Ruppersberger, Dutch, C. A. (D)
  • McDonough, Pat (R)
  • Kasprzak, S. Kristin (Libertarian)

Maryland District 3

  • Sarbanes, John (D)
  • Plaster, Mark (R)
  • Eze, Nnabu (Green)

Maryland District 7

  • Cummings, Elijah (D)
  • Vaughn, Corrogan R. (R)
  • Hoenig, Myles, B (Green)

1:15pm Closing Remarks/Forum Ends Jennings, Ken, Operations
Vice President, AACHC, AAIHC

Join AACHC in GET-OUT-THE-VOTE activities of local organizations
Locations will be announced

Everyone, please remember to sign in. All Candidates, please use
Candidate’s Sign-in Sheet, so you may be introduced.