Deteriorating safety in my neighborhood

There have been several incidents about car theft and tire smashing in my street. Last week my tire was smashed and I got a flat tire on Route 200, I feel more urged to write this post. Then during last weekend, my next neighbor told me that somebody tried to break into her car at midnight.

I have a feeling the safety in our neighborhood is deteriorating. I have not heard so much of this after I moved into this neighborhood until this year.  I filed a police report online and got approved. The approval letter starts:

To receive a copy of a police report, please submit your written request to the Howard County Department of Police – Records Section, 3410 Courthouse Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043. There is a $6.00 reproduction charge for each report requested. Payment must be in the form of a check or money order (cash will not be accepted) made payable to HOWARD COUNTY DIRECTOR OF FINANCE.

It is just like when the neighborhood asked the state highway to set up a traffic light at the Route 108 and Linden Linthicum Lane, they told us there were not enough accidents to warrant a traffic light. Now there have been at least more than six property damages in just one neighborhood street , we still have not obtained any real help from the police.

I need set up a camera to catch those petty criminals.