Volunteering on 2016 Election Day 

I took half day off from work today and helped to distribute fliers for Howard County Board of Education candidates at Clarksville Middle School from 7:30 to 11:00. I greeted more that 400 people and gave out more than 100 fliers.

It was really nice to talk to many many people. We still believe the power of ballot.It is also my first vote too.

Several observations:

1) People from Virgnia helped on our county’s Ballot A issue. Unbelievable. I talked to two girls from that group.

2) Many people knew who to vote for already.

3) The voting process was very smooth.

4) We had supporters for different candidates. I chatted with all of them. All of us were pretty relaxed.

5) There were more Trump signs than Clinton signs outside the polling station, considering this is a deep blue state and county. One person explained to me: Clinton did not need any of that at all in Maryland. That is true. She even did not campain at Maryland at all.

6) The Apple Ballot is very strong and well organized. It is a very strong political force. It only supported Demcrat unfornately.