CA board meeting summary 2016-12-08

CA board work session

Resident speak out:

  1. Patricia from King Contrivance spoke about the hateful/act speech in schools and asked CA to issue statement to condemn such acts. She quoted Jim Rouse’s vision for creating Columbia during 1967.
  2. Frank from Ellicott city, talked about Merriweather Post Pavilion noise for the second time. He choked for a moment. Where to measure the noise should be clearly defined.
  3. DJ Dalor, president of Lake Elkhorne HOA, need a rain garden in the CA property there.
  4. Maria, from Beaver Brook, shared a Merriweather music recorded five miles away outside her street. It can be heard clearly. She said Merriweather was a bully now. She said Senate Guy Guzzone told her: Merriweather raises the music volume if there are more than 7000(?) audience.
  5. Russ Swatek, from Long Reach, a) about CA conflict of interest should be limited to financial interest. Anything beyond that is to shut up other board member or dissent’s voice. b) Drafted letter from CA talking about MPP is too weak.  c) Discussed District 12 Delegate Terry Hill’s bill, only defining where to measure the noise, not lowering the noise . d) Downtown Columbia Art and Culture Commission should quiet the noise faster.
  6. Joel Hurwitz, from Harper’s choice, talked about Merriweather noise and CA ethics bylaw.
  7. Maclinda, living Columbia for 34 years, talked about diversity and inclusion. She requested CA to release a statement on this matter.
  8. Alan Schinder, from River Hill area, board member of Howard County Citizen Association. He spoke for HCCA and discussed Merriweather noise.
  9. Mike Binker from Thunderstorm (2 mile away straight measured by him), talked about Merriweather noise. He noticed the MPP noise changed three years ago.

Working Session :

The board talked about several board documents, including ethics policy, etc.

The board talked about the Bell Town which will be installed at Lakefront.

Board of director Session:

  1. Discussed letters to state senates and delegates. Should push Merriweather harder, reducing the noise before the next season starts.
  2. The board approved the New Bell Tower construction for the 50th anniversary and approved the purchase exception. I voted YES for both.