Student Loan Forum and Resources Fair

Dear Community and Faith Leaders,

On behalf of the Howard County Consumer Protection Advisory Board, I am reaching out to respectfully request that you share information about this free and informative Student Loan Forum and Resource Fair in your upcoming newsletters and on your Facebook pages (or other relevant social media). We believe that all families with school-aged children may benefit from this important information.


On Wednesday, January 18th, the Howard County Office of Consumer Protection and Consumer Protection Board will host a Student Loan Forum and Resources Fair, “Know Before You Owe!”. The purpose is to help prospective students and families make informed decisions on how to: finance higher education, determine manageable debt loads, shop for student loans and avoid consumer scams surrounding higher education. Our speakers include Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman, representatives from Howard County Consumer Protection, Howard Community College, the MD Attorney General’s Office, and the Consumer Finance Protection Board.

Please share widely!

Thank you!