CA board work session summary 2017-1-12

Resident speakout:

Joel Hurewitz questioned CA funding of $75,000 to Inner Arbor Trust.

Board meeting

A:The board discussed the 2018 Capital Budget

Million dollar projects:

  1. Columbia Swim Center repair        2.7 millions
  2. Athletic Club Repair                          2.5 millions
  3. Ice Ring repair                                     2.0 millions
  4. Total budget for capital projects:  17 millions
  5. Proposed Total Income :                  72 millions

The board spent some time discussing on funding for IAT.

Proposed FY 18 Net Asset Increase       3.8 millions.

B: Susan Krabbe introduced Dashboard metrics. I really love this.


C: Pond management required 3.8 million dollars in the future. CA tried to give three ponds to county government. They would not take them.

D: Overview of communication and Marketing Plan for Restructure