Support for Garmin Victims

I used to work at Garmin for a short period of time. I really enjoyed the work environment ,my team, and the middle of the country there. I heard the tragedy there and feel really sad about the status of the country.  We should unite and make the country better.


The Chinese Community expresses its deepest condolences to Srinivas Kuchibhotla and his family, and its sympathy to Alok Madasani for the violent crime committed against them by suspect Adam Purinton in Olathe, Kansas. We also praised Ian Grillotan, a true American hero, who risked his life to protect others.

The shooting is now under federal and local investigation as a possible hate crime against two immigrants from India. It reminds the Chinese American community of the bitter memories of the 1982 killing of Vincent Jen Chin in the suburb of Detroit. Chin was mistaken as Japanese and was beaten to death by a Chrysler plant superintendent and his stepson. The killers were convicted of manslaughter through plea bargain, and served no jail time, with 3 year probation and $3,000 fine and were cleared of all federal civil rights charges.

Facing the increasing racial tension, hostility, and senseless killings of Asian Americans and other minorities, the Chinese American community supports the call by the South Asian American community for a full investigation of the Kansas shooting. We also urge the federal and local authorities to condemn the hate crime if it is proven to be the case.

The Chinese American community shall, as always, stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from every Asian American community. Together, we shall work with the government to confront the rising hatred and divisiveness across the country.

About Dr. Chao Wu

2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidate
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