Home Security seminar by HCPD 

This Sunday, Howard County Police Department sent Mr. Eric Kruhm to gave us a seminar at Howard County Chinese School at Howard Community College about recent nice burglars targeted at Asian American families. Now burglars is using high-tech too. They were using google earth to identify Asian American families and compile a list for later break-in.

Here are some tips from the seminar:

  1. Put your valuable in a bank safe, instead at home. Now burglars steal the whole safe at home.
  2. Call 911 when you feel something suspicious. It is better for a false alarm than the home is broken-in.
  3. If you have a long vacation, ask your neighbors help and they can park their car on your driveway. Also ask police to have an area check.
  4. You can ask for online interpreter when call 911.
  5. Hide your valuables. Burglars usually have no time to search around, they just grap anything they see.

One thought on “Home Security seminar by HCPD 

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