Proposed 199 ft Monopole Tower along Grace Drive at River Hill

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Over the last several years Verizon (VZ) has recognized a deficiency in its existing coverage along Route 32 and the River Hill Community Area. In order to manage this deficiency, a design was released to add a communication installation to its local network in that area.

The first step was to evaluate any opportunities to use existing infrastructure in the area, including the water tower on the WR Grace Business Campus where other carriers have wireless installations. Inquiries and studies were performed on the water tower, and it was determined that it was not possible to utilize this existing infrastructure due to structural capacity concerns. At that time and through ongoing evaluations it was also determined that future communications upgrades, by existing carriers on the water tower, to maximize the service in the area, may be limited on this structure as well. There is strong indication that sometime in the future the property owners may remove the Water Tower.

With no other options to collocate on an existing structure in the area, a proposal is being set forth to construct a new 199’ monopole tower next to the water tower. Once constructed Verizon would locate on the structure and the existing carriers on the water tower, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, would then move over as well.

Our company Calvert Crossland has a long term relationship with Verizon and has a pending agreement with WR Grace and Verizon to develop this necessary infrastructure. To learn more about Calvert Crossland please visit our website at

The proposed communication facility will be located within the WR Grace Campus, right next to the water tower. The approximately 1,500 sq ft of disturbance to construct the tower is surrounded by buildings on three sides and a mature forest. This is an unmanned commutation facility that is intended to serve as a replacement for the existing water tower, currently being used as infrastructure for wireless carriers.

Please accept this letter as formal written Notice; in compliance with Sec. 16.128 for of Howard County, Maryland Code of Ordinances.

Please join us for a Pre-submission Community Meeting – February 16th, 2016.

The Meeting Room at River Hill

6330 Trotter Road

Clarksville, Maryland 21093.
6:00PM to 8:00PM

Informational Contacts and Project Detail

· Barb Pivec – Calvert Crossland, LLC bpivec 443-994-7505

· >Quick Links – Resubmission Meetings >Search Sign Code – N09

· For Development Process in formation go to:

· Type of initial plan to be submitted: Site Development Plan (SDP) with or without redline changes

· Project Request: unmanned telecommunications tower

· Parcel Zoning Classification: Planned Employment Center (PEC)

· Parcel Use: Industrial

· Residential Units: 0

· Parcel Acres: 54.8 Acre +-

· Development Impact: approximately 1,500 sq. ft. of disturbance

· Council District: 4

· Property ID Number: 05-351251

· Tax Map: 35 Grid: 22 Parcel: 145

· Property Address: Grace Tech Park, 7500 Grace Drive, Columbia, Maryland 21044

Please find below a location map of the property presented as a web link, attachment or enclosure.

Industry and project representatives will be in attendance to discuss the details of the project and to be available for questions. A sign-in sheet will be available at the meeting for Meeting Minutes and for further notifications. If any community association, person, or organization registered with the county is unable to attend and would like to receive an emailed version of the Minutes to the aforementioned meeting please contact Barb Pivec at bpivec


Barb Pivec – Partner

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Barb Pivec – Partner

Calvert Crossland, LLC

904 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

410-827-4132 – Office 443-994-7505 – Wireless


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