50-meter pool is needed in HoCo

I do see there is a need for a 50-meter pool in our county or Columbia.

Recently several parents told me there was a need for a 50-meter pool ( indoor). They have to drive their kids for a hour for training. Today,  I received an presentation from Michelle Grey, Columbia Masters Swimmer.

It convinced me that both the county government and CA should work together to build such a facility to meet our residents’ need.

Attached is the presentation. 2017 Need for a new pool v3 It is a very informative presentation.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

4 thoughts on “50-meter pool is needed in HoCo

  1. Feng Ouyang

    I love swimming as exercise. However, I hardly use the Columbia Gym pool because it is always crowded in the morning. More swimming lanes are definitely needed. So if you build a new 50 m pool, please make sure it is wide enough (e.g., 25 m), so that when the teens are not training, it can be reconfigured in to many 25 m lanes for recreation and exercise.


  2. Linda Wengel

    The Howard Hughes Corp. once suggested they might build such a pool in the Crescent. I haven’t heard about it recently.


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  4. Linda Zhao

    We need the 50 m pool as Columbia indoor pools are often very crowded. It also is good for swimming teams practice and events.



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