Survey result of top 3 factors for school redistricting

Survey results for school redistricting factors:. The gray one is the number four choice in each category. You can still view the result at the original page:

 Top three factors for school redistricting

  1. Areas that are made up of contiguous communities or neighborhoods.
  2. Feeds that encourage keeping students together from one school to the next. For example, avoiding feeds of less that 15% at the receiving school
  3. The number of students that walk or receive bus service and the distance and time bused students travel
  4. Frequency with which any one student is reassigned, making every attempt to not move student more than once at any school level or the same student more frequently than once every five years

Least important three factors 

  1. The racial/ethnic composition of the student population
  2. Number of students moved, taking into account the correlation between the number of students moved, the outcomes of other standards achieved in Section IVB. and the length of time those results are expected to be maintained.
  3. The level of English learners as measured by enrollment in the English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) program
  4. Other reliable demographic indicators, when applicable.

Total response: 355 votes.