CA board meeting summary 2017-07-27

Resident speakout:

Allen Veinstain, Long Reach, two concerns: 1) Lakefront smoking problem, open space management does not have a law governing smoking from benches, 2) Columbia Gym renovation, concerning mold developed there. Mold can cause serve asthma.

Tim Lattimer, Long Reach, talked about Paris Agreement and urged CA to sign that too.

Pat Mercy, Oakland Mill, urged to sign the Paris Agreement with CA’s shared responsibility.

Alisha Nifeld, Oakland Mill, urged to sign the Paris Agreement. She wears a T-shirt with Indivisible HoCoMD sign.

Janet Ruth, Oakland Mill, urged to sign the Paris Agreement too.

Ginger Scott, Wilde Lake, has reservation on CA’s possible allowance to provide alcoholic beverage at Fair Hill Golf Court(2 beers is fine, 4 beers are too much), also supported to sign Paris Agreement. BTW, somebody urinated at the back of neighborhood and golf court.

Larry Leadsman, environmental attorney, urged to sign the Paris Agreement.

Michael Cornell, River Hill, former CA board member, urged to sign the Paris Agreement. Individual actions alone are not enough to combat this climate change. We need government agencies to lead this.

Joel Hurewitz,  Harper’s Choice, urged to support Paris Agreement.

Board Action:

  1. Annual charge rate is kept the same
  2. Proposed FY 2019 and Conditional FY 2020 capital budget parameters
  3. Board approved proposed charges for FY 2018 Advisory Committees

Board Discussion:

a) new town zoning. Jane Dembner of CA and Valdis Lazdins, Planning Director gave us a lot background.

b) plan for young adults. Milton created a draft plan to increase young adults’ participation in CA activities.

Board Action:

4) board approved some land easement and try to get State Highway Agency fund to help stream restoration program.