Citizen Feedback on School Redistricting

Please see how AAC and HCPSS is responding to your feedback if you sent them something. So this may change the original proposed plan in the feasibility study

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2 thoughts on “Citizen Feedback on School Redistricting

  1. Ramesh, thanks for leaving your feedback. I dont have any authority to do anything. Please write to the area attendance committee, superintendent, boe on your concerns.

  2. Ramesh Gopalakrishna says:

    Dear Dr. Chow,

    I am a parent of two kids one starting middle school in BMM and one starting CLES KG beginning this academic year. We live in Polygon 147. We are surprised at the proposal of redistricting our polygon to schools which are further than our current schools. We live in Ellicott City and will expect to go to schools in Ellicott City and not Columbia. Here are my reasons for expressing my strong displeasure on the proposal.
    1. Our current schools ( CLES|BMM|CHS) are all top rated schools. Our proposed schools are not even close in comparison. The test scores are below average. This will impact the learning of our kids who are all excelling currently.
    2. We are under 2 miles for all of our current schools but more than 2 to 3 miles for proposed schools.
    3. We are a new neighborhood under two years for most of the residents and we all already changed schools with the move to the house which had significant impact on kids. We are being asked to move again which is going to put a lot of stress on the kids. They already are expressing their unhappiness.
    4. Many kids in the neighborhood were planning on riding bicycles to the school(BMM/CHS). This will not be possible with the rezoning.
    5. The kids will spend more time on the bus and road given the distance they have to travel each day. This will impact their social and learning ability.
    6. The property value will hugely be impacted. We have paid premium price to be in the neighborhood to keep our children at the current schools (CLES/BMM/CHS). This proposal is a huge negative impact for us and many of us in mid forties will find it hard to start all over again trying to find the right school district and county and state.

    We request you to kindly consider all aspects and not rezone polygon 147.

    Thank you,

    Yours sincerely
    Ramesh Gopalakrishna

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