Columbia Development Tracker 2017-08

This is created by Columbia Association staff  and I am putting a short summary here.

Upcoming developments

  1. The Mall in Columbia is seeking facade alterations. Village: Downtown Columbia
  2. Retrofit of Mimi’s Cafe building in Gateway Overlook Shopping Center, Village: Long Reach
  3. Howard Hughes Corporation proposing a long-term temporary parking lot with 181 surface parking east of Broken Land Parkway and south of Divided Sky Lane. Village: Downtown Columbia
  4. Conditional use request for religious activities at Locust United Methodist Church located north of Martin Road and east of Freetown Road. Village: Hickory Ridge
  5. Dar Al Taqwa located north of Route 108 across from Cedar Lane Park, expanding their facility and parking area. Village: Harper’s Choice
  6. Howard Research and Development Corporation asked for one additional residential unit at the Poplar Glen apartment. Village: Hickory Ridge
  7. HRDC asked amend 19 additional residential units to the Godfather’s Garden Center site south of Route 108 and west of Phelps Luck Drive. Village: Long Reach
  8. A home located at the end of Encounter Row is seeking approval to add two new decks. Village: Oakland Mill.

There are more development beyond these. The full list is attached for your reference.


I do find Howard Hughes Corporation and Howard Research and Development Corporation in some developments. Interesting.