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I went to an APFO seminar organized by Brent Loveless, Judy Fisher Gorge and many others at the Miller Library tonight. There are two Howard County Bills (CB 60 and CB 61) related to APFO. Considering so much anxiety created by the current HCPSS school redistricting, concerned parents should write or testify in front of the county council and county executive. I am providing a sample email you can modify accordingly.

If you don’t want your kids to be redistricted again in five years, you should ask them to tighten APFO.

If you don’t want your tax to be raised by the county government, you should ask them to tighten the APFO.

If you don’t want your service to be downgraded by the county government, you should ask them to tighten the APFO.

To: County Executive Email: akittleman@howardcountymd.gov
All County Council Email: councilmail@howardcountymd.gov

Sample Letter:

Dear County Executive and County Council:

We have concerns on the current county bills CB 60 and CB61. I would like these two bills consider the following items:

  1. Set school capacity limit at 100%.
  2. Include high schools in the school capacity limit test
  3. Mitigation effort should begin when a school reaches 95% capacity
  4. No reduction to the current wait time for housing allocations or school tests
  5. APFO needs to be reviewed frequently, maybe every five year.
  6. Count medium and low income housing units in the yearly total housing limit . Right now, yearly limit is 2000, but 15% of MLIH is not counted to that limit. That means the total number will be 2300.

The next county council meeting is on September 11. Be sure to send out your email before than or sign up to testify there. We want to have a well regulated and planned housing development in our county.

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