HCPSS Polygon data and history

HCPSS Polygon data is shared for your reference. Here is the data:  2017 HCPSS Polygon data

If you find out there are problems with your polygon, please send your feedback to the school planning office, the superintendent and BOE board members.

When I tried to request some background on how the polygon was initially created, updated and modified. The MPIA office told me “Unfortunately, there are no documents which outline the history of polygons”. Then I searched around and found out a paper. 

There is  a research paper dated back in 2007 titled “Heuristic Search
and Information Visualization Methods for School Redistricting” by UMBC professors and students. Here is the paper:  2007 article about HCPSS Polygon

Happy data analyzing and paper reading.

Here is how you find your own polygon number:  https://chaowu.org/2017/06/24/how-to-find-hcpss-school-polygon-map-number/

If you could not download the data, please send me an email at chaowu2016@gmail.com. I am not sure what is happening since I can download from Firefox and Chrome or mobile phone.


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  1. Was this approach in the paper ever implemented? If you had an accurate data it seems it would be obvious to do it this way. It would be much more fair than setting up a system for parents to position themselves and argue until the wealthiest or best-connected parents get what they want.

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