HCPSS Redistricting from Area Attendance Committee (Final)

2018 HCPSS Final School redistricting result came out on 11/16/2017. It is here https://chaowu.org/2017/11/16/final-2018-hcpss-school-redistricting/

First, find your polygon number in the following link: http://hcpss-gis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=78bbfc96270e4e16bcec96478fe1f24e

Then check the attachment document and see whether there is a change in your schools from the Area Attendance Committee.

What are the next steps:

Note: This is just a proposal developed by a citizen committee (Area Attendance Committee). There is another one developed by HCPSS school staff (https://chaowu.org/2017/06/20/proposed-2018-hcpss-redistricting/).

  1. The superintendent Dr. Martirano will propose his own version ( probably based on the two proposals) to BOE October 3, 2017
  2. BOE will probably make changes to the superintendent’s proposal and have a final vote in November 2017.

The AAC final proposal is here:

final aac-planning-polygon

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  1. Chris Schanck says:

    I note there is no Final AAC HS column in the PDF — any idea what is going on there?

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